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Shopping for college can be stressful, but personalizing your dorm room and choosing your favorite Twin XL comforter, sheets, decor and more can make college shopping more fun... as long as you find what you like and it's still in stock! Start your college dorm shopping sooner rather than later to choose from a larger selection of college dorm supplies before they sell out!

Here at DormCo, college shopping is our niche, but with lots of shoppers and limited inventory our best selling products tend to sell out. With our Order Now -> Ship Later program you can choose all of your favorite college dorm necessities now and have them ship later. This program alleviates the fear or worry that your favorite dorm supplies will be SOLD OUT.

How to use Order Now -> Ship Later:
1. Place your order on our website as you normally would.
2. When placing your order you should select our promotional $2.95 shipping option. If you do not yet know what the correct shipping address will be, then you can use the general mailing address for your college as a stand-in. You will be able to email us at a later date with the corrected address once you have that information available.
3. Email us at with your order number and the request that we SHIP LATER. The subject line should include Order Now -> Ship Later. Contacting us immediately after your order is placed will help ensure that your order doesn't get prematurely sent out by our warehouse.
4. If you know the date you want your order to be shipped you can provide this information in your initial correspondence. By simply telling us you want to SHIP LATER our warehouse will pick, pack, and store your order for a future ship date.
5. If not previously provided, once you know the date you want your order shipped and the correct address be sure to let us know! We will update your information in our system for on time shipment.
6. Relax with peace of mind knowing that your favorite dorm supplies are ordered, packed and will be shipped to you on the designated date!

Is there an added cost for Order Now -> Ship Later?
Nope! There are no added costs or fees. This program is a value added free service to make your dorm shopping experience easier.

When do I need to provide a ship date and ship to address?
We recommend providing a ship date and ship to address at least 8 business days before you need to receive your order. This will ensure that your order can be received on time.

How do I know when my order should arrive?
Colleges usually allow packages to start arriving a week or two before move-in day. We recommend double checking with your school to confirm this date to ensure your items are waiting upon your arrival. If you have an idea of when you want your order to arrive, our warehouse can confirm the transit time from our location to yours and select a ship-date to best meet your deadline. Please note that we are unable to guarantee delivery during the weekend.

When will I be charged?
Your form of payment will be charged at the time the order is placed on our website. A confirmation email will be automatically sent with a copy of your invoice as well as your order number.

Can I cancel or adjust my Order Now -> Ship Later order before it ships?
We will do our best to accommodate cancellation or change requests, however this is not a guarantee, and if your order has already been packed by our warehouse we cannot make any changes. If we are able to cancel then there is a 20% restocking fee to cover the added warehouse labor costs. This applies to restocking canceled items or a canceled order and would be deducted from the amount of your refund. If you want to purchase additional items then please place a new order at your convenience and follow the same procedure to notify us.

Can I call to discuss this program?
Of course, if you prefer talking with us prior to placing your order instead of by email ( then we are here to assist! Call our Customer Service team at (888) 925-2899 with any questions or concerns you may have.

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