Add High Impact Style to Your Dorm Room Decor with DormCo's New Selection of Dorm Trunks!

When living in a college dorm room, you need style and function. Your college dorm room is small, so you need to maximize the amount of dorm room storage you have available, yet you need to create a high impact look in your dorm room. Your dorm room is too small to have separate, large dorm essentials that add to your dorm room decor. This means your basic dorm necessities also need to have a high impact look. DormCo has created a new line of dorm trunks that give you the style you want and the dorm room storage you need.

1 - Texture Collegiate Trunks - These dorm trunks offer plenty of style while being functional in your college dorm room. You can get these dorm essentials in a complete set with a large and medium sized dorm trunk and save, or you can get either the medium or the large sized college trunk to suit your needs. You can store seasonal clothes, cooking supplies, or other extra college supplies in these dorm necessities for plenty of dorm room storage, but these gorgeous, high trend dorm trunks will be that dorm item that completes your dorm room decor. Textured fabric wraps around the entirety of the trunk with riveted details along the edges and silver buckles for that extra detail that makes all the difference. You can even stack the medium dorm trunk on the large, or separate them for great dorm decor.

2 - Texture Mini-Trunks - In a set of two, these Mini-Trunks will hold your smaller dorm supplies to keep you better organized. These compact, space saving dorm trunks can sit on your dorm dresser, college desk, or anywhere you have some extra space. Like the Textured Collegiate Trunks, these mini-trunks have textured fabric wrapped around the entirety with riveted details around the edges. These dorm essentials also have the benefit of portability, so you can easily take them with you on a weekend trip home. Their compact design with either a block or rounded style will allow you to use your imagination for what you want to store inside. Keep cosmetics, art supplies, and other small dorm supplies organized right on your dorm desk or college dresser with these dorm items!

3 - College-Ave Mini-Trunks - Available in a set of three, these dorm necessities add extra dorm room storage space for your small dorm necessities and their size makes them ultra portable. You can stack them on the floor in your dorm room or place them in different areas around your room to create a unified, high impact dorm room decor. Keep your delicate clothing items, art supplies, cooking utensils, and other dorm items in these dorm storage solutions. These mini-trunks will make your college dorm room look neater and more organized than keeping your small dorm items on top of your dorm dresser or desk. Plus, when those dorm essentials are contained, you don't have to worry about them falling off of your dorm desk or dresser and getting damaged or lost.

4 - Black & White Series - These storage trunks have drawers and a neutral color design to add to your dorm room decor. In fact, with these neutral colors, you don't have to worry about any dorm room decorations not matching this storage trunk! This series allows you four options - you can have the main part of your dorm trunk be black or white and the drawers be black or white. However, you can also choose either side drawers or bottom drawers! With the addition of bed risers, you can fit this dorm item right under your dorm bed for extra convenience. Keep your extra Twin XL Sheet Sets and extra college pillowcases in the drawers while you store your blankets or seasonal clothes in the main storage compartment!
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