Why College Trunks are a Dorm Room Essential

When it comes to small dorm rooms, you can't underestimate the importance of versatile college supplies. You can easily maximize your small dorm room space when your dorm items can fulfill more than one purpose. And one college item that is made to be extremely helpful and you shouldn't leave home without is a dorm trunk! Dorm trunks and college footlockers not only help you move into your dorm room, they can be used for a variety of reasons after you are already settled in to your new home away from home. Designed to be extra useful, DormCo's selection of high quality college dorm trunks can be enjoyed from the beginning of your college career to the very end. Here are just four reasons why a college dorm footlocker should be at the top of your college supplies checklist!

1 - Transportation
- With your Twin XL bedding, dorm room decor, clothes, shoes, and a variety of other college supplies coming with you to your college dorm, you need all the help you can get when it comes time for college move-in day. Why not use one of your essential dorm items to help you lug all of your dorm stuff onto campus? Just choose a dorm trunk with wheels (like our Iron Brick Trunks), fill it with your college supplies, and use the durable wheels and sturdy pull handle to easily transport everything across campus. Our selection of college trunks can help you out in college before your classes even start!

2 - Storage
- Once you are moved into your dorm room, you may notice that you don't have enough space for all of your dorm stuff! What do you do? Use your college trunk again, of course! Whether you choose our roomy Steel USA Made Power Trunks or any of our other college trunks, you have the perfect place to store the dorm supplies you might not need every single day. Just lift up the lid of your dorm footlocker and you have the perfect spot to store pretty much any dorm items that need a home! Do you have extra Twin XL college bedding that needs a home? Just fold it up and place it inside your college trunk! What about out of season clothes or textbooks for later in the semester? You guessed it, in they go! With a college trunk at the ready to hold a variety of your dorm supplies, you can easily keep your dorm room organized and decluttered.

3 - Style
- With your college dorm trunk sitting in your dorm room, you can also use it as an important dorm decor piece! No matter what look you are going for in your dorm room or what color your college decor theme is, we have the perfect trunk to go with it. Offering neutral or eye-catching tones, solid colors, designs, or unique Texture® Brand Trunks, DormCo gets that any part of your college dorm room can make or break your dorm decor look. Luckily, with so many stylish college trunks to choose from, you don't have to worry about hiding your dorm trunk. You can choose to have your dorm footlocker blend in with your dorm room or stand out with a unique color. Either way, our line of fashionable college trunks will look perfect in your dorm room space.

4 - Unique Dorm Furniture
- Fortunately, these college dorm trunks aren't just decorative college supplies. Since they are made with durable materials, you can use them for even more than transportation, dorm supply storage, and college decor! Since our trunks are sturdy enough, you can use them as part of your college furniture pretty much anywhere in your dorm room. Place your college dorm footlocker near the head of your extra long Twin dorm bed for a unique college nightstand. Prop your college trunk next to any of your dorm seating options for an instant dorm foot stand. You can even leave this essential dorm product out to use as a college dorm coffee table to hold your homework, books, or even your stylish dorm decor.

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