Dorm Essentials to Make the Top Bunk More Comfortable

When you have the top bunk in your college dorm, there are different dorm essentials you need in order to make this a better dorm living option. Getting stuck with the top bunk is never fun - you miss out on the under bed storage options, you have to hop into your bed or climb up a ladder, and you have no dorm nightstand to keep dorm essentials like your smart phone and alarm clock nearby. Check out our list below for the dorm necessities that will make having the top bunk more comfortable, effective, and not something to dread.

1 - Dorm Bedrest - You're going to want some extra comfort up on the top bunk. You're going to find yourself sitting on your dorm bed a lot whether you're studying, watching TV, or reading a book. Leaning against your cold dorm wall, headboard, or worse - the corner of your dorm room wall can be quite uncomfortable, and you may find yourself disliking the top bunk even more. With a plush college bedrest to lean against, you can make your dorm bed a more comfortable soft dorm seating option that you will actually enjoy. With super soft outer fabric and an overstuffed, thick inner fill, you can have the back support you need for sitting in your dorm bed.

2 - Extension Cord - This is a must have dorm item. You're going to need a dorm lamp, alarm clock, and your smartphone all within arm's reach when you're sleeping on the top bunk. The cords that come with each of these dorm items will in no way reach the single available outlet near your dorm bed. You'll want to invest in a dorm extension cord with an extra long cord length so you can not only sneak that extension cord up your dorm room wall and have it reach your top bunk, but you'll also want some extra length so when you're texting your friend and charging your phone, you don't have to sit in a weird position in order to text - you want to be able to move your electronics where you need them to go, not move yourself according to where your electronics are.

3 - Dorm Clip Lamp - You won't have much dorm lighting up on that top bunk. When you're sitting on your dorm bed and reading or studying, you will find yourself straining your eyes or moving toward the edge of your dorm bed to have some extra dorm lighting for your college textbook or novel. You want to be able to sit comfortably on your dorm bed and be able to concentrate more on what you're reading than on the fact that you're uncomfortable. Of course, since you're on the top bunk, you don't have an option for a dorm lamp on a nightstand or a floor lamp. Enter our dorm clip lamps. These dorm essentials have a large, sturdy clip to clip on your headboard or dorm bed post and a flexible neck so you can angle the light where you need it.

4 - Bed Post Shelf - You're probably wondering how you'll keep your smartphone and alarm clock on the top bunk. Of course, you don't want them just sitting on top of your Twin XL Mattress. That can result in those dorm items easily falling off your dorm bed and breaking or smacking your roommate in the face. Obviously, you don't want either of those things to happen, even if it means you now get the bottom bunk. You want to keep those dorm necessities off of your dorm bed yet within arm's reach. This was the problem that inspired our Bed Post Shelf. This dorm essential can attach to any type of bed post with a friction clamp design and is a tray to keep your alarm clock and smartphone next to your dorm bed without you risking knocking it off of your dorm mattress.

5 - Bedside Caddy - As you know, that top bunk provides no dorm storage for dorm items that you're using right before falling asleep or even while studying in the middle of the day. That means you somehow need to make it up and down your ladder with a handful of dorm essentials like a notebook, pen, book, and bottle of water. With our Bedside Caddy, you can keep those items by your dorm bed so when you're ready to fall asleep or need to take a break from reading to go on your tablet, you can put what isn't in use in this dorm storage solution. With four pockets, you can keep writing utensils, a notebook, tablet or iPad, and even a bottle of water all within arm's reach.
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