Dorm Security Items to Keep You Safe on and off Campus

Dorm safety and dorm security are two main concerns when you're starting college. Chances are you're going to be walking around on campus by yourself, possibly also at night. You want to make sure you have basic college supplies to keep yourself safe while you're walking off and on campus. However, you also want to make sure you're safe in your college dorm room and that your dorm necessities are also safe and won't go and find a home in someone else's dorm room. Check out below for our list of dorm essentials to allow you to have peace of mind.

1 - Dorm Safety Kit - This dorm necessities kit has a mixture of the dorm essentials you need to keep your dorm room safe and secure. Including a personal alarm for when you're walking on or off campus, a window alarm, and a door stop alarm, these dorm necessities each emit a loud 115-120 dB alarm that will alert others to your area, whether it is inside your college dorm room or on the sidewalk at night. These dorm essentials will give you peace of mind that both you and your college dorm room are safe and secure.

2 - Fake TV Burglar Deterrent - This dorm essentials item is pretty simple in terms of dorm security. This dorm necessities item makes it look like you are in your college dorm room when you're not, which is essential when you're out at night whether working, in class, or hanging out with friends. This dorm supplies item simulates the light of a real HD TV, thus making it look like you're in your dorm room watching TV when in reality you're out. Simply point this dorm supplies item at your shades or dorm curtains to make it look like the room is occupied.

3 - Slash Proof Messenger Bag - You need a college backpack to take to your college classes. Why not also make sure you're protecting your laptop or tablet with this multi-purpose dorm item? This dorm essentials item is slash proof both in the body and shoulder strap and with the addition of a locking cable, can be turned into a dorm safe that you can wrap around an immovable object. The main compartment is also lockable, allowing you peace of mind whether you're walking on campus or using it as a dorm safe in your dorm room.

4 - Personal Alarm - This cheap dorm supplies item is compact and looks like a USB memory stick so you can keep it concealed. This discreet dorm essentials item can easily be slipped into a purse, backpack, pocket, or even on your keys for easy access. With a 110 dB alarm, you will be able to alert others to your location and also help scare off attackers.
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