Keeping Your Dorm Room Smelling and Looking Great

There's a lot that goes into your college dorm room. There's a lot of planning for your dorm room decor and a long college dorm checklist of the dorm essentials you need to make your college dorm room feel like a comfortable home away from home. While the focus is going to be on how your college dorm room looks, don't forget about how it smells too. You want to create an overall welcoming and relaxing environment that allows you to look forward to coming back to your college dorm room after a long day of college classes. How your dorm room smells can make just as much of an impression on you as how it looks. Check out below for the dorm essentials that will keep your college dorm room feeling home-like and comfortable.

1 - Lavender Scented Cleaning Wipes - To start with, you want to make sure your dorm room looks clean and polished, and not just when you move in and out of your college dorm room. You will also want to do small cleaning sessions throughout the college year too, and what better way to do that than with reusable cleaning wipes? These dorm essentials can be reused and also can be used wet or dry. Plus, with a great Lavender scent, your college dorm room will also smell clean along with looking clean! You're going to need to clean your college dorm room throughout the year - don't just do that with a wet paper towel. Invest in great scented cleaning wipes and make your college dorm room smell great.

2 - Cedar Hang Ups and Cedar Balls - Don't forget about your college closet and dorm dresser! As you're investing in great scents for your college dorm room, you may be thinking about the overall area of your dorm room where you'll be spending much of your time. However, don't forget about the areas where your clothes are stored. Your college closet and dorm dresser may be a few years old and have been used by plenty of college students before you. While you're going to be washing your clothes frequently, you don't want them to pick up a musty odor or simply not smell as fresh as when you washed the clothing item simply from sitting in your college closet or dorm dresser. Invest in cheap dorm supplies like Cedar Hang Ups for your college closet and Cedar Balls for your dorm dresser to freshen up the smell of these dorm items.

3 - Dorm Room Scents - These cheap dorm supplies are great to have on hand in your college supplies. A quick spritz in your college dorm room can go a long way. Plus, these relaxing scents may even help you focus better on your homework. From Vanilla to Baked Cookies, you will find the scent you need to make your college dorm room feel great. Plus, there's no better way to make your college dorm room feel like a home away from home than by spraying scents that remind you of home such as Baked Cookies, Fresh Linen, or Pine. You won't be able to burn candles in your college dorm room for the great scent - invest in some dorm room spray instead to make your college dorm room smell and feel relaxing.

4 - Stop the Stink Sponge - Many college students have lived in your college dorm room before you. It's sad, but true. Unfortunately, that means your college dorm room has picked up scents along the way, especially if your dorm room was closed up for the summer with no one living in it. When you first move into your college dorm room, you want to clean up the surfaces, but you also want to make sure you have some odor absorbing sponges in your college dorm room such as our new Stop the Stink Sponge. You'll want to make sure you have a few of these dorm essentials in your college dorm room to absorb odors, and of course they aren't just great for the beginning of the college year. This dorm necessities item can be placed in your closet, under your dorm bed - anywhere! It's even great for covering the scent of dirty laundry, so make sure you keep one by your dorm laundry bag!
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