Keeping Your Dorm Room Smelling and Looking Great

There's a lot that goes into your college dorm room. Planning what you want your dorm room décor to look like and how comfortable you want your Twin XL college bedding to be is just the beginning. While your focus is going to be on your dorm bedding, college décor, and dorm room furniture, don't forget about those little college supplies that are needed for your dorm. You want to create an overall welcoming and relaxing environment that allows you to look forward to coming back to your college dorm room after a long day of college classes. How your dorm room looks and smells can turn that small space into a cozy home away from home. The dorm essentials below can help you easily get started with making your college dorm room feel home-like and comfortable.

1 - Dorm Organization - To start with, you want to make sure your dorm room looks neat and tidy. While a messy dorm room has that "lived in" look, you probably won't want to look at a mess every time you are hanging out in your college dorm. Organizing your college supplies does so much more than just making your dorm room look great. With the right dorm organizational items, you can start your semester with more dorm supplies and you'll always know where they are. Once you have your dorm stuff organized and put away, you'll never be late to class again because you couldn't find the right pair of shoes or the college textbooks you need for the day!

2 - Twin XL Headboard - When you first move into your dorm room, the look of your dorm bed won't really inspire stylish and cozy thoughts. It is up to you to turn that pre-used dorm mattress and college bed frame into something great, and we can help! Of course, we have a wide variety of extra long Twin bedding pieces that can help with the comfort and style of your dorm bedding but, once you have that all picked out, there is one more dorm item you need to complete your Twin XL bedding set. A college headboard is a must-have for all college students, as it turns your dorm bed into an extra college seating option and adds extra style to your dorm room décor. With many different colors, styles, and materials to choose from, DormCo has the perfect dorm headboard that will transform your Twin XL bed and make it look like it belongs in a house, not a small college dorm.

3 - Dorm Room Scents - College dorm scents are cheap college supplies that you'll definitely want to have on hand when dorm move-in day rolls around. Even if you have the best hygiene routine, smells can linger in such a small space. Shoes, leftover food, and the dirty clothes in your dorm laundry hamper can mix and create a not-so-nice scent that you don't want to breathe in every time you are hanging out on your Twin XL bed or when you open your dorm room door. With scents ranging from pretty smelling florals to crisp clean scents and even tangy citrus, you can stock up on smells that you wouldn't mind lingering in your dorm space.

4 - Washcloths & Towels - Now let's talk about an essential dorm item that will help with the look and the smell of your dorm room! They aren't too glamorous, but dorm towels, hand towels, and washcloths are important dorm supplies. Not only will they keep you clean and dry, they can also be used for cleaning up messes in your college dorm. Since you'll need them to keep you and your dorm looking and smelling clean and fresh, it's a great idea to have a whole set of college towels and dorm washcloths so they don't start stinking due to overuse before you can wash them.
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