Dorm Room Seating to Make Your College Dorm Room Feel Like Home

When you find out your college dorm room assignment, there's a lot of excitement and worry. You're going to be excited to start on your new adventure, yet worrying about where you'll put all of your dorm essentials. You also were probably picturing what your college dorm room would look like in your head. Of course, you're also picturing some great dorm furniture and soft dorm seating. After all, there's plenty of seating options at your house - it's what you are used to and what you picture your college dorm room having. The problem? Your college dorm room will only come with a dorm desk chair and your college dorm bed. And, of course, the floor. When you are getting out of class, you want to relax and unwind in a comfortable dorm chair. To do that, you need to add some comfortable dorm furniture. However, you also don't want to take up a lot of space in your college dorm room. Check out our list below for how you can add comfy soft dorm seating to your dorm room without losing a lot of space.

1 - Inflatable Dorm Furniture - You may immediately think of a dorm bean bag chair when you think of adding dorm furniture to your college dorm room. However, don't forget about other soft dorm seating options such as inflatable dorm furniture. These dorm necessities are even better because they can be inflated and deflated when you need extra space in your college dorm room. Plus, with a variety of colors and designs, you can add to your dorm room decor when you have them inflated.

2 - Storage Seating Benches - Dorm Storage Seating Benches are one of those great, essential multi-purpose dorm items. Not only will you get extra soft dorm seating in your college dorm room, you'll also be getting plenty of extra dorm room storage and even adding to your dorm room decor! These dorm storage solutions work great at the foot of a college dorm bed or against a dorm wall if you have extra space and are perfect for storing sports equipment, extra college blankets, and other bulkier dorm essentials.

3 - Dorm Butterfly Chairs - These dorm items are classic college supplies for a reason. These dorm essentials fold up quite compact when not in use so you have comfortable seating when you need it and extra dorm room space when you don't need the dorm chair out. You can even get a couple of these dorm items for you and your friends to sit in when watching a movie or studying and you don't have to worry about losing a lot of dorm room storage when you store your dorm chairs.

4 - Dorm Bean Bag Chairs - These cozy dorm essentials are another classic college supplies item. They can be easily stored and easily moved around your college dorm room when you need extra space. Plus, with a dorm bean bag chair like our Coma Inducer Dorm Bean Bag Chair, you're getting an incredibly plush outer material and a memory foam fill. With this dorm necessities item in your college supplies, it will soon be your choice of chair to hang out and relax in.
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