Stay Organized and Add Plenty of Dorm Storage With Our New TUSK Packages

Your college dorm room won't offer much in the way of dorm room storage, but it doesn't have to stay that way. By simply adding extra dorm organizers and dorm storage solutions, you can maximize every available area of your college dorm room so you can stay organized in your small space and even add more dorm storage to bring more clothes, shoes, or other dorm accessories with you to college. Check out below for our new line of TUSK Dorm Organization Packages that will maximize your dorm room storage and even add to your dorm room decor by completing your color theme. Plus, every dorm item in our TUSK Dorm Organization line is made of 600D Polyester which is beyond durable, built to last, and can withstand tough college use!

1 - TUSK 4 Pack Under bed Folding Boxes - Don't forget about the space under your dorm bed as you're unpacking on move-in day. Once you clean the area under your dorm bed, you will find that it provides plenty of dorm room storage space. With how much dorm room storage it will add to your college dorm room, you don't want to ignore that area! These Under bed Folding Boxes come in a special 4 pack deal that will allow you to really maximize your under bed storage. These handy dorm essentials have covers and a handle in the center to make retrieving from under your dorm bed easier and are great for storing shoes, extra Twin XL Sheet Sets, and pantry items.

2 - TUSK 4 Pack Fold Up Cubes - Your college closet shelf and closet floor can add so much more dorm room storage to your college dorm room than it appears. The key to maximizing this space is to add dorm totes. These Fold Up Cubes will allow you to store more than you otherwise would on your dorm closet shelf or floor while making it easily accessible. These large dorm essentials have a handle in the center to make the dorm tote easily accessible and they're great for storing extra seasonal clothes, cooking items, college blankets, and more. You can even place these dorm necessities on your dorm desk to easier store your desk accessories.

3 - TUSK 4 Pack Jumbo Storage Boxes - You're going to be going to college prepared with extra clothing, dorm blankets, and seasonal clothes. After all, you won't be able to go back and forth between your dorm room and your home to pick up dorm items and drop others off. Bringing these extra dorm items requires extra dorm organizers. These massive dorm storage boxes have handles and a cover to allow you to store extra dorm essentials and other dorm items that aren't often used as well as conceal them to keep them clean and organized. Store your extra college blankets, sweatshirts, and cooking supplies in these dorm items and keep them stacked on your college closet floor for extra dorm room storage.

4 - TUSK 3 Piece College Closet Set - Our 3 Piece College Closet Package comes in a few variations - with each variation you'll receive a dorm sweater shelves and hanging shoe storage, but one variation will maximize your closet organization game with a triple pouch accessories organizer, while another variation includes a handy laundry backpack to keep your dirty clothes contained. These dorm essentials packages will allow you to really maximize the clothes you are able to bring to college. The sweater shelves will even allow you to separate certain clothing items by color or style. Plus, the optional dorm laundry bag will hold a few loads of laundry which is essential when you are going a while in between washing loads of laundry.

5 - TUSK 11 Piece Complete Dorm Organization Set - This dorm essentials package will include everything you need for organizing your college dorm room. These packages include over the door shoe pockets, hanging shoe shelves, hanging sweater shelves, clear view jumbo storage, jumbo storage box, fold up cube, under bed folding box, under bed shoe storage, dorm laundry hamper, and a dorm laundry bag. This package will allow you to separate your seasonal clothes and seasonal shoes, store extra college supplies and cooking items, and even separate your laundry by color to avoid a pink shirt that started out white. This package will fully allow you to maximize your dorm room storage and start college out right by having everything you need for dorm organization in one convenient package. With this set, you don't have to worry that you forgot a dorm organizer or don't have everything you need.
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