Decreasing Stress With Your Dorm Essentials

It's inevitable that you're going to have a certain amount of stress in college. You're going to be taking a lot of college courses, possibly working a full or part time job, and doing a lot of studying and homework. All these things can pile up and cause quite a bit of stress. You need to decrease your stress as much as you can, whether it is by taking a break from homework and playing a video game, reading, or watching a movie for bit. However, you can also make your college dorm room a soothing place to rest and relax after a long day of college courses. Check out our list below for some dorm essentials that will help you decrease stress and make your college dorm room soothing.

1 - Dorm Organizers - It's hard to feel chill when your dorm room is a mess. If you can't remember where you put important personal items like your keys, glasses, college textbooks, or something really valuable like your college laptop, you're bound to always be stressed, rushing, and late for college classes. You can be more prepared when everything has a place in your dorm room! While you have plenty of options when it comes to dorm storage, our dorm experts recommend a Bedside Caddy for those necessary dorm items that you use every day. Keep your phone, glasses, notebooks, and even your laptop all in the same spot right by your dorm bed, so you won't have to freak out and tear apart your tiny dorm room when you think you lost those notes that you really needed for a test tomorrow!

2 - College Privacy Room Divider - This is a must have dorm item for decreasing stress, especially for the introverts out there! You don't want to be hanging out with your roommate all the time, but it can be hard to feel like you have your own space in your dorm room. With so little privacy in your college dorm, dorm partitions and privacy curtains can help you recharge and get some alone time in your shared dorm room. Our Don't Look At Me® dorm dividers are compact, easy to assemble, and can be easily rolled out of the way when not in use, making them a great option for college students who value their personal space but don't want to 100% section off their dorm room. When you're feeling overwhelmed and just want some dorm privacy for sleeping or studying, a dorm room partition can be a real game changer!

3 - Dorm Safe - Some of your stress in college may have to do with dorm security and dorm safety. You want to make sure your valuable dorm essentials stay in your college dorm room when you are in class, work, or a night out with friends. You don't want to go to college without a dorm safe in your college supplies. Some of our dorm safes item can be attached to immovable furniture legs, a closet rod, or anywhere else safe so you can keep your dorm necessities secure and have peace of mind. Store your tablet or iPad, passport, credit cards or money, and more in this dorm essentials item when they're not in use to have peace of mind.

4 - Soft Dorm Seating - Your college dorm room doesn't come with many relaxing dorm seating options. In fact, you have three - your dorm desk chair, your dorm bed, and your dorm floor. When you want to relax after a long day of college courses, your dorm desk chair and dorm floor won't provide the most comfortable options, and you may not want to always be sitting on your dorm bed to relax. After all, sitting on your college dorm bed to do homework can actually make it harder to fall asleep at night–just ask your psychology major friends! For ultimate relaxation after a long day of college courses, add soft dorm seating like our Giant Moon Chairs. With an incredibly soft and comfortable furry exterior and oversized folding chair dimensions you will feel instantly relaxed and soothed when you sit in this dorm necessities item after a long day.

5 - Dorm Rug - Just like your dorm room walls, your dorm floor won't add much to your dorm room decor. In fact, it will detract from your dorm room decor and not make your college dorm room very comfortable. When you're making your college dorm room a home away from home, you need to remember your dorm floor. It will start out as either cold linoleum or a thin dorm carpet, so you want to make sure you add some comfortable dorm rugs that add soothing notes to your dorm room decor and make your college dorm room feel complete. Our College Plush Rugs have the softest, thickest plush strands that will feel amazing to sit on or just brush your toes through when you need a little extra comfort.
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