Bedside Accessories You Can't Be Without!

You know your college dorm room doesn't provide a lot of space. It can mean leaving a good amount of your possessions at home with your parents which of course you dread thinking about. However, what about the items that you can't be without at college - where do you store those? Check out below for some dorm essentials that will make college living easier, including how to have a dorm nightstand without having a bulky dorm item by your dorm bed!

1 - Bed Risers - These little dorm necessities will be a lifesaver when you're in college. Available in a variety of heights, you may at first think that sleeping a little higher is pretty cool, but that isn't the overall benefit of this dorm item. By raising your dorm bed even 5 inches, you're getting a lot more dorm room storage space. If you want to bring as many of your possessions from home as you can (especially if they are dorm essentials!), then you will want to add these handy dorm items to your college supplies checklist. Once you add under bed storage totes, bins, and bags, you'll be able to store more than you ever imagined. Don't let the precious space that is available for under bed storage go to waste! In fact, add more under bed storage space with some bed risers!

2 - Dorm Privacy Curtain - When you're in college, you want (and need!) as much sleep as you can get. With a busy schedule and studying, you may need to take sleep whenever you can get it which means napping during the afternoon. For the best sleep you can possibly get, you will want a little bit of privacy. The problem is that your college dorm room is shared with another person, with very little privacy when you need a between-class nap. You shouldn't have to feel like your roommate is watching you sleep. Invest in a cheap dorm supplies item like a dorm privacy curtain to create your own little safe haven in your dorm for a more quality night's (or day's) rest!

3 - Dorm Lighting - Along with making your dorm room darker when you need to, you also want to make it lighter. The overhead dorm light may not be enough lighting for studying or reading in bed. However, there are also times that you want to study when your roommate is sleeping. You won't be able to use the overhead light while your dorm roommate is sleeping so you will want a small dorm lamp like our Aglow Lamp that won't disturb your roommate's sleep. This handy dorm item has a sturdy clip for the base and an adjustable neck so you can direct the light wherever you need it. You can also move this college supplies item where you need it in your dorm room, whether clipped to your dorm headboard, nightstand, or edge of your dorm desk.

4 - Bunk Pocket Smartphone Holder - When you're relaxing in your dorm bed watching a movie or studying, you don't want to get out of your warm, comfortable Twin XL Bedding to answer every text message as it comes in. Once you're relaxed in your college dorm bed, you want to stay in that state of relaxation. The solution? A smartphone holder that keeps your smartphone bedside. These handy dorm essentials can slip right on to your dorm bed post to hold your phone, TV remote, glasses, earbuds, or any other small dorm item that can be easily lost in your dorm bedding. With this dorm essentials item, you don't have to get in and out of your Twin XL Bedding, but you also don't have to worry about missing your smartphone alarm in the morning.

5 - Bedside Storage Organizer - Let's face it - once you're in your warm and comfortable Twin XL Dorm Bedding, you don't want to get in and out of your bed for anything. Once you're in your dorm bedding, you want to stay there and relax. The problem is, if you're studying then you're going to need to put those dorm items somewhere - and that little bunk pocket may not be enough for all your bedside essentials! The solution is our bedside caddy organizer. Once you have this handy dorm item, you won't know how you ever could be without it. This dorm item has multiple pockets and allows you to have the dorm room storage capacity of an entire dorm nightstand without actually having a nightstand. When you're studying at night, you can simply slide your books, tablet, and eye glasses into the pockets of this dorm accessory and not have to worry about getting in and out of your dorm bedding.
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