How to Keep Your Dorm Room Clean

Keeping your dorm room clean is about more than keeping your books and notes organized. Sure, you want those things organized, but you also want to make sure you do some basic cleaning up around your dorm room or college apartment to keep it comfortable. You want to make sure you do a deep clean of your college dorm room when you first move in and you also want to make sure you do some upkeep throughout the college year. Check out our list below for some compact cleaning supplies that can all be kept in a special dorm tote that also adds to your dorm room decor.

1 - Broomy - To start with you want to make sure you have a broom on hand so you can sweep up any dust bunnies or other dirt that can get on your dorm room floor. After all, you aren't going to have a mudroom entrance where you can leave your shoes and you may even end up wearing shoes much of the time in your college dorm room. That means you want to make sure you have a broom on hand. The problem is that normal brooms take up a lot of space that you don't have to spare and you can't leave them in a corner of your dorm room as it will detract from your dorm room decor. The solution? Our Broomy dorm broom. This innovative dorm product has a handle that is extendable, allowing you to fold this broom set up compact. The broom folds into the dustpan, allowing you to store this dorm essentials item on a shelf or in a dorm tote.

2 - Sponges - This is a basic dorm essentials item that you may not think of at all as you're putting together your college dorm checklist. You want to make sure you have plenty of these college supplies on hand. When you first move into your college dorm room, you're going to want to wipe down surfaces such as your dorm dresser and dorm desk with some cleaning solution and these sponges. Throughout the college year, there may be times you need more than just a paper towel to wipe down a surface. Spill a can of pop in your mini fridge? These sponges will come in handy! Plus they are cheap dorm supplies so you can really stock up and keep a few extra in your cleaning supplies tote.

3 - Cleaning Wipes - These are handy dorm necessities that you will love. They are lavender scented so you can have a clean feel in your dorm room plus a fresh scent. When you move into your college dorm room for the first time, you will want to make sure you have a few of these dorm essentials on hand so you can wipe down things like the inside of your dresser and the top of dorm shelves. You can use these wet or dry, and the best part is that they are washable and reusable. Doing a deep clean of your dorm room? You don't have to throw out the cleaning wipe that you are using - simply rinse the one you're already using and go back to cleaning!

4 - Utensil Wipes - Living in a college dorm room means you don't have easy access to a sink at all times like you did at home. That means when you're eating in your dorm room, it's not very convenient to go to a sink and wash up your fork, plate, or cup. Our utensil wipes are a safe way to clean utensils without a dishwasher or soap. You can even use these to clean the tops of your pop or soup cans for peace of mind. With natural ingredients such as lemongrass oil, these wipes have antimicrobial properties to help you clean up conveniently and safely.

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