Is A Coma Inducer® Comforter Good For Dorm Beds? College Experts Weigh In.

When it comes to your dorm bedding, you have a lot of options. You probably have a few ideas about what you want your college comforter to look and feel like, but no matter the style of dorm bedding that you are going for, you will want to choose a Twin XL comforter from a trusted brand. There are a few popular online bedding websites out there, but Coma Inducer® is near the top of the list when it comes to being instantly recognizable and memorable. Known for huge, fluffy oversized comforters, you know these giant comforters are great for your bed at home...but what about dorm beds? Good news–Coma Inducer® makes such awesome dorm bedding, we actually partner with this brand to provide college students with the best, softest comforters for college EVER. Read on to understand just what makes these extra long Twin comforters a great choice for your dorm supplies shopping list!

1: They'll actually fit your dorm bed. If you choose a standard Twin size comforter for your dorm bed, you'll be really disappointed on move-in day. Basic Twin size bedding comes up short on extra long Twin dorm beds, which both looks weird and leaves your feet out in the cold. Thankfully, Coma Inducer® college bedding comes in the appropriate Twin extra long size dimensions to properly your dorm mattress! Plus, with bonus extra width too, with one of these luxury dorm bedding comforters draped over your college mattress, your Twin XL bed will look just right and you won't be fighting for more cover at night. It's a win-win in terms of style and comfort, making these extra long dorm bed essentials a great choice for college students.

2: Your dorm will feel extra cozy. Made with dozens of combinations of faux fur, fleece, velvet, microplush, sherpa, and microfiber, Coma Inducer®'s exclusive line of dorm bedding sets all have one thing in common–they're COZY. Like, super cozy. Like, "sleep through your alarms" cozy. Like, "make your college roommate a little worried because you've been sleeping for so long" cozy. No matter what type of warm college bedding you choose, as long as it is a Coma Inducer® you'll know that you're getting something seriously comforting for your dorm bed. And choosing comfy college bedding isn't just a splurge–it can actually help you get more at home in your dorm room. Some relaxing dorm bedding can help you adjust when you're struggling with homesickness, or just when you've had a stressful day of classes. Plus, that dorm mattress isn't very comfortable by itself. Level up your dorm bed with some comfy plush college bedding for better sleep!

3: They come in dozens of colors for girls AND guys too. Along with the right size and right cozy feel, these unique bedspreads for dorms also come in a HUGE range of colors and patterns. Want a simple, neutral gray dorm blanket for your guys dorm bedding? We have that. Want pure white faux fur for your glam dorm decor? We have that too. What about a neon tie dye look for something trendy, or dark red velvet, or even wild animal print? We have it all! Guys dorm decor can be hard to find, and girls dorm decor can be overwhelming with options. Coma Inducer® dorm bedding has great options for both, so you don't have to choose between comfortable dorm bedding or stylish dorm bedding. Not sure what option is best for your dorm room setup? Give us a call, chat, or send in an email with your dorm ideas and we'll pick out our favorite Coma Inducer® dorm comforters to help make your dorm shopping that much easier!

4: Affordable dorm bedding? Yes, please! We'll be honest and admit that these aren't the cheapest dorm comforters on our dorm supplies website, but they're way more affordable than some of those other ultra high end dorm bedding stores. With tons of options for under $100, it is easy to enjoy these Twin XL luxury comforters without breaking the bank on your dorm shopping budget. Plus, a lot of these Twin extra long comforters include a matching standard size pillow sham, saving you even more cash in the process. And buy buying directly from DormCo, you can also take advantage of our exclusive student discount prices and flat rate shipping! Cheap dorm bedding doesn't have to be too small, thin, or basic. Enjoy some low-cost dorm room essentials from Coma Inducer® while getting the rest of your dorm shopping done here on our dorm essentials online store!
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