Dorm Room Decorating For The Holidays!

Just because you're living in a college dorm room, that doesn't mean you can't do a lot of great dorm room decorating for the holiday season. In fact, you can do quite a bit of dorm room decorating with the right compact dorm essentials that will make your college dorm room feel like a home away from home. Plus when you're busy studying for Finals, you can feel relaxed and cheered by the pretty holiday dorm room decorations in your college dorm room. Check out our list below for some great holiday dorm room decorating ideas!

1 - Christmas Tree - Your dorm room decorating for the holiday season starts with your dorm Christmas tree. Your dorm Christmas tree is going to the centerpiece of your holiday dorm room decor. When you think of Christmas trees, you may think of a classic white or green Christmas tree like your family may have at home. However, you don't have to have the same! You can make your holiday dorm room decorations stand out from the others with a uniquely colored dorm Christmas tree! From classic red to bright pink and even aqua, you can really make your holiday dorm room decor your own. Plus these dorm essentials are compactly sized for your college dorm room so you don't lose a lot of space!

2 - Christmas Lights - Dorm Christmas lights don't have to just be for your dorm Christmas tree. They also don't have to be only for the Christmas season. You can leave these dorm necessities up year round and have extra lighting and extra dorm room decorations in your college dorm room without losing any dorm room space. Create a cool looking design on your dorm room wall for extra dorm wall art or wrap around the outer edge of a dorm bulletin board for cool style in your college dorm room. Available in plenty of colors and styles, you'll be able to add one or more strands and create a fun looking home away from home for yourself.

3 - Wreaths - When you think of the holiday season, you probably automatically think of a Christmas tree. While your dorm Christmas Tree is the centerpiece of your dorm room decor, a Christmas wreath is just as important. Plus this dorm essentials item is quite versatile, allowing you to add a few of these dorm items around your dorm room for extra holiday decor. You'll obviously want a wreath on your dorm room door, but you can do a lot more with a wreath than just placing it outside your college dorm room. Add a mini wreath to the branches of your Christmas tree for extra ornaments or even place on your dorm wall for extra dorm wall art! You can even place a dorm wreath on the doors of your college closet!

4 - Garland - Garland is another one of those versatile dorm essentials that you can use year round just like your dorm Christmas lights. Sure, you can wrap a strand of garland around your dorm Christmas tree to give it the full look and cheer just like at your parents home, however you can also add a few strands of garland to other areas of your college dorm room. Drape around your dorm room door, wrap around your dorm desk or bookcase, or use dorm tape to help create a design on your dorm wall with your garland. You can really use your imagination with this dorm necessities item - it's as versatile as your Christmas lights!

5 - Ribbon - You'll love the versatility of this college supplies item - not only can you use it as an accent to your gifts for your family and friends, you can also use it as an accent piece in your dorm room decorations! Use it like you would garland - wrap around your dorm Christmas tree, dorm door, or even use as dorm wall art. You don't even have to choose between garland or ribbon - you can use them both for extra impact in your dorm room decor!
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