All About Headboards - Our Top 5 Dorm Headboard Picks!

It may come as a surprise, but you should know that your college dorm room isn't going to come with a headboard. That's right–your dorm bed frame may come up an extra inch or two at the head and footboards, but a proper headboard will be absent from your dorm room. This may not seem like a big deal, but if you have a headboard on your bed at home you may be surprised by how plain and bare your dorm room looks without this bedding essential. Plus, your dorm room has limited options for college seating, so you'll probably be doing a lot of sitting on your Twin XL bed. Instead of leaning against the hard, cold dorm wall, you'll want to rest against a plush cushioned dorm headboard! Thankfully, college headboards are a popular product, and it is easy to find dozens of options for cool headboards made especially for dorm beds. Our Dorm Experts do recommend choosing a Twin XL headboard designed specifically for college bed frames, as standard Twin XL headboards for normal bed frames may cause damage to the bed frame or your dorm wall. College style headboards are designed to be easily added to your Twin XL dorm bed frame or mounted to the wall with damage-free adhesive wall hooks. Our list of best dorm headboards below outlines all the different styles of college headboard choices, so you can find the perfect Twin XL size headboard for your dorm decor checklist!

1: Free Standing Pillow Headboards - Headboard pillows are so popular because they are without a doubt the easiest type of college headboard to add to your dorm bed. No wall hooks, mounting, headboard legs, velcro straps, fabric ties, or anything else required. Simply lean one of these freestanding Twin XL headboards up against your dorm wall for an instant upgrade to your Twin XL dorm bedding. With an extra wide base, these lounger style headboards can stand up on their own without the need for extra tools or support. Some of our favorite Twin XL lounger headboards include the Rainha Lounger Headboard (pictured right), and the Rainha Ultra Thick Headboard, which comes in a range of cool colors to easily match any girl's or guy's dorm decor.

2: Hanging Pillow Headboards - These are a certified DormCo best seller! In you want a little more support than a freestanding pillow style headboard, choose a pillow headboard that can be hung on the wall or attached to your dorm bed frame. Our Rainha and University Transitional headboards all feature loops, fabric ties, or elastic bands that can all be used in a variety of ways to make your dorm headboard secure. Hang these on the wall with removable wall hooks, or tie to that extra inch of dorm bed frame for a perfectly put-together dorm style. And with dozens of color and texture options, whether you want a cute tufted pink headboard for girls or a sleek black Twin XL headboard for guys, you're sure to find a Twin XL pillow style headboard that looks great your dorm room setup.

3: Designer Headboards
- DormCo's line of eye-catching designer Twin XL headboards features some of the most popular dorm items to date! Our Tufted, Classic, USA Made, and Bevel Tacked college headboards all make a statement on your dorm bed and really make your dorm room feel like home. And if you really want to add a touch of style to your glam dorm decor, mo luxury dorm decor is complete without one of our Tavira Allure® Twin XL size ultra chic headboards. And with a wood core, all of these plush decorative headboards offer even more support over pillow dorm headboards. Simply wedge one of these sturdy headboards between your dorm mattress and the Twin XL bed frame to instantly transform your college dorm room. Additionally, you may choose to add optional Universal Headboard Legs for even more support that won't damage your dorm wall or college-provided bed frame!

4: Plush Furry Headboards - Want something that is extra supportive, extra comfortable, and extra stylish? Our high quality faux fur headboards may be just what you are looking for! Faux fur Twin XL headboards feature the same foam fill and wood core as our designer headboards, but with an irresistibly cozy outer layer of microplush, fluffy faux feathers, or cashmere-soft faux fur. Look for Coma Inducer® brand headboards if you're serious about finding the most comfy, most trendy, and most must-have dorm headboard ever.

5: DIY Headboards
- We seriously doubt it, but if none of the above headboards really fit in with what you had in mind for your college Twin XL size headboard, we have one more option that may interest you. Our DIY Headboards are designed to be altered and transformed into your dream dorm decor item. We know that art students are probably getting excited at the idea of creating their own one of a kind college headboard. Even if you aren't an artist, you can still get creative with these DIY dorm headboards. For example, you could have all your old high school friends come over and sign your headboard like a yearbook so you can look back at their notes and messages in your dorm room. Or turn one of these canvas headboards into a unique tie-dye headboard that looks great in colorful boho dorm decor! These plain Twin XL headboards are literally a blank canvas for you to draw, paint, embroider, re-upholster, or completely remake into something that's totally new and totally you!
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