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You know your college dorm room isn't going to come with much dorm room seating. You're going to have your dorm bed, dorm chair, and your dorm floor. When your friends come over to visit, there are not going to be many options for where they sit and you want your visitors to be comfortable. You may be racking your mind at this point trying to think of some comfortable yet compact soft dorm seating options to add to your dorm essentials. The solution? Add a dorm bedrest to your dorm bedding!

A dorm bedrest is a dorm necessities item you won't want to go without. This compact dorm item is incredibly versatile, to start with. You can move this dorm essentials item and carry it anywhere you want. Going to the dorm common room to study or watch TV with friends but all the dorm couches and dorm chairs are taken? Bring your dorm bedrest with you! You can prop it against the dorm wall for more back support while watching your favorite TV show with your friends. And one of the best things about that is that you don't have to sit huddled over your knees uncomfortably while not really paying attention to your favorite TV show because you are counting down the time until you get back to your comfortable dorm bedding.

Don't think that this dorm necessities item is only good for the Residence Hall Common Room! You can also add this dorm item to your dorm bedding. Just like you prop this college supplies item against your dorm wall in the common room, you can do the same in your dorm room. Sitting against your dorm wall on your dorm bed can be incredibly uncomfortable and awkward. You're sitting on a warm, incredibly comfortable dorm bed yet you're leaning against the uncomfortable and cold dorm wall. This can make studying and relaxing quite miserable. As supportive as your basic college pillow is underneath your head at night, it won't cut it when you're leaning against the wall to study. Place your dorm bedrest against the wall and lean back on this dorm essentials item instead - you'll be glad you did. You'll have more support so you don't have to hunch over and study or write your essay and most importantly, you won't have to worry about leaning against a cold surface. You can even move this dorm item to the dorm floor and sit on your dorm rug for another dorm seating option for your friends!

This college supplies item isn't just another pillow for your dorm bedding. These dorm essentials are extra thick to provide the support and comfort you need. Filled to the brim with maximum stuffing, this college supplies item offers real support. Plus with an armrest on each side, you don't have to worry about your arms getting too tired from holding up your college textbooks. After all, having arm support is just as important as having back support when you're studying and reading. Your dorm bed is where you're going to be spending much of your time between sleeping and studying in bed. You want to make your dorm bed as comfortable as can be due to how much you're going to be sitting on your dorm bed. Don't forget about the little college supplies that will complete your comfort like a dorm bedrest for your Twin XL Dorm Bedding.

Of course you want more than comfort for your college dorm room. You also want style. With a dorm bedrest, you don't have to worry about having one but not the other. Available in a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics, the hardest part may be choosing which one you want! Of course, this is also a cheap dorm supplies product so if you finding yourself wanting two of these dorm necessities, you don't have to stress out about getting two. From super soft Microfiber to thick plush or shag, you're going to be able to find the fabric that will offer the most comfort for your dorm bedding. You can even choose between a variety of designs and colors to match your dorm room decor. Want something more neutral that will go with anything? Go for a gray dorm bedrest! Want to make a statement? Go with a bright shock of hot pink or a cool design! The possibilities are endless and you and your friends will appreciate the extra comfort this dorm necessities item brings to your college dorm room.
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