Natural Loft® Dorm Bedding: 5 Reasons Why It May Be The Best Dorm Comforter EVER

When you're picking out your dorm bedding, there are a LOT of options to choose from. Even if you're settled on buying all your dorm things from DormCo, we know that our huge selection doesn't always make it easy to narrow down what college comforter you need. Thankfully, our team of dorm experts is always available to give new college students some guidance on what dorm bedding options they really need. But if you want to cut to the chase, we'll break it down for you: our Natural Loft® line of dorm room comforters may just be the BEST dorm bedding EVER. We aren't exaggerating. There's a lot of reasons why these Twin XL comforter sets are a top seller for college students, but we decided to highlight four key factors that makes this trendy bedding brand stand out . Keep reading to learn why Natural Loft® college bedding belongs at the top of your dorm supplies checklist!

1: They're SO SOFT. We'll say it again... SO SOFT! If you use a cotton comforter at home, you may be shocked when you feel the silky smooth brushed microfiber exterior cover that encases our Natural Loft® Twin XL comforters. Microfiber bedding material is naturally softer than cotton, for a dorm bedding experience that's out of this world. If you want the softest Twin XL college comforter set, this is definitely the option for you! And who doesn't love soft things?

2: They come in every color. No matter your dorm color scheme, these Twin XL solid color comforters can probably match! If you're a girl looking for a Twin XL bedspread to coordinate with your pink or purple college decor, we have some super cute pastel colors that are sure to satisfy. Or, we know how hard it is to find guy's dorm bedding, which is why this line of college comforters is also made in black and navy blue to easily match your masculine dorm decor. Or if you just want some neutral dorm room bedding that won't clash with whatever your roommate is bringing, we also have pure white, off white, light gray, and dark gray colors that will go with anything.

3: You'll stay warm in that cold dorm room.
A thicker than average inner fill makes this Twin XL bedding set ultra cozy. Most freshman dorm rooms are not equipped with the best heating system, so choosing a warm college comforter set is necessary. With this pillowy soft Twin XL comforter, you won't have to worry about getting cold at night. Your college roommate may be shivering under their thin and flimsy dorm blanket, but you'll be too cozy to even notice when you're wrapped up in this high quality dorm bedding essential.

4: Machine washable bedding? Yes please! Maybe the biggest benefit to choosing a Natural Loft® dorm comforter is the fact that it is super easy to clean. Like a Duvet Cover, simply remove the outer cover, leave the fluffy insert behind in your dorm room, and wash the outside. You'll probably want to wash the Twin XL comforter insert every 6 months or so when you go home from classes, but keeping the outside cover clean is typically enough to maintain good hygiene throughout the semester. Washing your dorm bedding can be a hassle when you have to deal with a sopping wet comforter, but this extra long Twin bedding set is as easy to clean as your dorm sheets.

A lot of dorm bedding stuff is designed to fit Twin extra long bed dimensions, without much extra overhang. However, we know that extra large bedding is in style, and can actually be noticably more comfortable too. That is why all of our Natural Loft® dorm comforters are made with extended dimensions in terms of both length and width, so every inch of your dorm bed is covered in coziness. Especially if your dorm bed is lofted or on some bed risers, you'll be glad to have some extra length and width on your dorm comforter for a more natural look.

You can't beat the quality, the style, the easy care, or the size, so why wait? Our Natural Loft® Twin XL dorm comforters are one of our best selling dorm items, so get yours before it's sold out for this dorm season!
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