Dorm Essentials You Need When You Have Your Own Dorm Bathroom

When you're living in the college dorm room, there are two different dorm room assignments you can receive. You're either going to be in a dorm room with one roommate and sharing the dorm bathroom with everyone else on your dorm floor, or you're going to be sharing your dorm room with a few roommates and having your own private bathroom. If you get assigned to a dorm room with a private bathroom, you're probably really excited. However, there are also different dorm items you need for your college dorm room when you have your own bathroom.

1 - Shower Caddy - A dorm Shower Caddy is a basic dorm essentials item that every college student needs. However, the type of dorm shower caddy you get for your dorm bathroom is going to vary greatly depending upon which dorm bathroom assignment you receive. If you have your own dorm bathroom, you aren't going to need a college shower caddy that you carry back and forth to the dorm bathroom because you'll be able to keep your bathroom accessories right in your dorm bathroom. A dorm Shower Caddy that is large enough to hold you and your roommates' bathroom accessories is ideal, as is one that hooks over your dorm shower head. You won't have multiple shower caddies and bottles cluttering your dorm shower and you'll also be able to keep all of your shampoo, conditioner, and soaps within convenient arm's reach.

2 - Toothbrush Holder - This dorm essentials item isn't going to be the most fun to go dorm room shopping for, but it is a quick buy and a practical one. Plus this dorm necessities item is a cheap dorm supplies item! If you have your own dorm bathroom, you're going to need somewhere to store your toothbrush. Your roommates are going to need to store their toothbrushes, too. You don't want to just have your toothbrushes sitting out on your dorm sink counter. Keep your toothbrushes in a small dorm storage solution to keep them from falling off your sink counter. The best toothbrush holder for your dorm bathroom is one that can suction cup to your dorm bathroom wall or mirror - after all, you're probably going to be using your counter space for brushes, hair dryers, and possibly even cosmetics.

3 - Dorm Towel Holders - Along with an over the door drying rack for your towels, you will also want a dorm storage solutions item to store your clean, dry towels in when not in use. Just like you don't have to carry your dorm bathroom accessories back and forth between the dorm bathroom and your dorm room, you also don't have to carry your towels. A dorm storage solution like our stackable trays will allow you to keep your towels neatly stacked and you can place this dorm item wherever you have extra room in your dorm bathroom. Whether on the floor next to your dorm sink or in the cabinet underneath your dorm sink, this dorm room storage item will keep you organized and keep your towels from falling into a messy heap.

4 - Dorm Bath Mat - This is where your dorm bathroom starts to get more fun and you get to have a dorm room decor style for your bathroom. You don't want to slip when getting in and out of your dorm shower, so this dorm essentials item will help prevent that from happening and it will also add a bright pop of color to your dorm bathroom. It's going to be hard enough to wake up in the morning - with a bright pop of color being the first thing you see in the morning along with your coffee, waking up will be easier. This dorm necessities item will keep your dorm bathroom floor dry and safe so you don't have water pooling on your dorm bathroom floor from the shower.

5 - Shower Curtain - This is one of the most fun things to go dorm room shopping for your dorm bathroom. There are plenty of cool designs so you get to choose exactly what you want for your dorm bathroom. Your dorm bathroom may come with a dorm shower curtain, but it won't be the greatest looking dorm item in your college dorm room. This dorm item will be bland and not add to your bathroom dorm room decor. It will even detract from it a little bit. You don't want any of your dorm room decor detracted from and you especially don't want a bland dorm bathroom. Add a dorm shower curtain that expresses your personality to your college supplies!
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