Dorm Essentials For Your Dorm Bathroom You Can't Go To College Without!

Creating your college dorm checklist can be pretty overwhelming. There are a lot of things to think of including what you need for your college courses and how to make your dorm bed as comfortable as your bed at home. There are some dorm items that may not have crossed your mind because you didn't know or think that part was so different than what you have been used to. The part of your college dorm room that is going to be quite different than what you are used to is your college dorm bathroom. You're going to be sharing the dorm bathroom with everyone else on your college dorm floor, and there are certain dorm necessities you need in order to get through sharing the dorm bathroom and also make college living easier.

1 - Dorm Towels - To start with, you're going to need dorm bath towels. This may seem like an obvious dorm essentials item you need. However, you may be thinking that you can get by with just one or two dorm towels. The truth is, you're going to need plenty of these dorm essentials. You may be thinking you can just do laundry when you need more dorm towels, but you can't count on your dorm laundry room. All of the machines may be taken, leaving you to wash laundry another day. You want to make sure you have a few spare dorm towels in your dorm room storage.

2 - Towel Holder - You definitely can't leave your dorm towels in the dorm bathroom to dry. Your dorm towels are going to be coming back to your college dorm room with you. You don't want to place them wet in your dorm laundry bag and you don't want to drape them over your dorm chair to dry. This cheap dorm supplies item will be a lifesaver in college. You can simply drape your wet dorm towels over this dorm necessities item for them to dry. Plus, with over the door towel holder options you can place on your dorm door or dorm closet door, you don't have to worry about losing your dorm room storage space!

3 - Dorm Shower Sandals - Dorm shower shoes are one of the most important dorm essentials you'll add to your college dorm checklist. Since you're going to be sharing the dorm bathroom with the rest of your college dorm floor, you really don't want to walk through the dorm bathroom or stand in the dorm shower without shower sandals. These antimicrobial dorm essentials keep your feet off of the floor, have drainage holes for the water and a pebbled surface to prevent your feet from sliding. You can even take these dorm items to the beach, gym, or college pool!

4 - Dorm Shower Caddy - Just like you can't leave your dorm bath towel in the dorm shower, you can't leave your shampoo and conditioner like you could at home. You also can't carry each item in your arms from your dorm room to the dorm bathroom without a dorm caddy. One of the worst things is dropping a large bottle of shampoo on your foot because it slipped out of your overloaded arms. With a dorm shower caddy, you can keep all of your dorm bathroom accessories organized in a dorm storage solution and also keep those dorm accessories off of the shower floor by hanging this dorm essentials item in the dorm shower.
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