Dorm Room Storage Areas You May Not Have Considered

College living requires a certain amount of creativity. We don't just mean getting creative with your Twin XL dorm bedding and other personalized decor in your college dorm room. In order to be organized in a college dorm room, you're going to have to think outside the box with how you store your college supplies. When you think of dorm room storage, you think of the typical dorm items like a college closet, dorm dresser, and dorm desk. However, there are other areas in your college dorm room that you may not have considered that provide plenty of dorm room storage.

Your dorm room door is more than just a door. It's all you may think of it, but it does so much more because this basic dorm item can add plenty of dorm room storage to your college dorm room. There are many different dorm essentials for over the door storage depending upon what type of dorm room storage you need. There are over the door shoe organizers, simple dorm hooks for a robe, sweatshirt, or coat, and more. Our Possum Hangers can even be used over the door to maximize every inch of your dorm door organization game!

Your college closet seems pretty self-explanatory. You have your basic closet rod and a dorm shelf or two for your clothes. However, there's so much more you can do with your college closet storage! You can add sweater shelves that hang off of your closet rod to maximize your dorm room storage space (by a lot, too!), and you can also add dorm storage solutions to your college closet floor. You don't want to just stack your seasonal clothes and extra college blankets on the dorm closet floor. They can get dirty and fall over, leaving you with more of a mess. By adding simple dorm storage cubes, closet organizers, and hangers you can really maximize the amount of dorm room storage your dorm dorm closet has, especially if you use them in combination with some hanging sweater shelves!

Last but not least, a college dorm bed provides so much dorm room storage it's silly. And it's especially silly to not take advantage of this area! This is an area college students rarely think of as a dorm storage solution. You don't want to just put your super cool looking dorm bedding on your college dorm bed and call it a day. Clean the dust bunnies out from under your dorm bed and add some under bed storage solutions! What's great about the dorm room storage underneath your dorm bed is that you can further maximize it so if there's not enough space for your totes and other under bed storage, you can add even more. Simply add dorm bed risers to your college dorm bed and you'll instantly have tons more dorm room storage!
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