How to Make Your Life a Little Easier with Your College Supplies

Certain college supplies are going to make your life easier. You know you need dorm necessities like Twin XL dorm bedding and some cooking supplies, but there are also cheap dorm supplies you may not have thought of that make your life easier. Whether it's saving a little bit of time or cutting back on stress, you'll find these dorm items add a lot to your college dorm room.

1 - College Student ID Case - This is one of those dorm items you really don't want to go to college without. It won't take up much space, it's a cheap dorm supplies item, and it will cut back on a lot of stress. When you were at home with your parents, you may not have had to worry about taking your keys everywhere you went. However when you're in college, there's a lot more you need to keep track of and you need to bring your college Student ID and dorm keys with you everywhere. To make sure you bring them everywhere with you, you want to make sure they are attached to something and they are together. Just throwing them in a bag won't do. With a college student ID case, you can slip your ID into the window, your dorm key on the key ring, and even keep some money in the zip pouch, cutting back on other dorm items you would bring to class with you.

2 - Stain Remover - Don't go to college without stain remover. You may be thinking that it's not something you need because you're a super clean person, but trust us - you'll want this college supplies item on hand. You may be a super clean person, but all it takes is walking up the stairs with your coffee and having someone bump you to ruin your favorite T-Shirt. A powerful stain remover like our Mom's Magical Goop will save you from a lot of stress and a lot of money when you don't have to re-buy your favorite shirts or jeans. This stain remover works on oil, paint, markers, gum, and more and even works on old stains! Plus it's a cheap dorm supplies item that's also compact so you don't have to worry about this dorm essentials item taking up a lot of dorm room storage space!

3 - 3 Compartment Dorm Laundry Bags - You know you need a dorm laundry bag for college, it's unavoidable. You may be doing laundry for the first time in college or you may have always done your own laundry. Either way, it's easy to make a mistake and that mistake being your favorite white shirt getting put into the laundry with your dark clothes. A dorm laundry bag that is split into three compartments will make doing laundry in college a lot easier. You can sort your clothes right from the start and not worry about a laundry mishap. Plus you will also save time because you won't have to worry about sorting your laundry colors when you go to wash your laundry in the dorm laundry room. You can simply grab your dorm laundry detergent and go!

4 - Bedside Caddy - You may end up with the top bunk of the dorm bed or you may simply not have room for a dorm nightstand. You may be wondering what in the world you're going to do with the dorm necessities you need to keep bedside. You don't want to have to get up and down at night when you're studying in your dorm bed to put away your books, eye glasses, and your cell phone. This dorm essentials item will keep all of those dorm items bedside for you without taking up any dorm floor space. This dorm item attaches between your dorm mattress and dorm bed frame and has pockets for your cell phone, eye glasses, books, laptop, and even a tray for a bottle of water. Plus in multiple colors, you can choose the one that best matches your dorm room decor!

5 - Dorm Chair - You may be wondering how in the world dorm furniture will make your life easier. Your college dorm room is going to have dorm seating options that consist of your dorm desk chair, dorm bed and the floor. When you have friends over or when you want to relax and study after a long day of college classes, you're going to want to sit in a comfortable spot that isn't your dorm bed. A dorm chair like our Oversized College Chair is super soft and comfortable and it's also compact. This dorm item folds up and can be kept in a corner of your dorm room or dorm closet so you have soft dorm seating when you need it and space on your dorm room floor to move around when you don't need your college chair out.
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