Dorm Lighting - Because Your Overhead Dorm Light is Not Enough

One of the dorm essentials you need to make sure you have on your college dorm checklist is a dorm light. Your college dorm room may have an overhead dorm light, but you will find that the light it puts out will not be enough. There will still be dark corners in your college dorm room which isn't conducive to studying. You don't want to hurt your eyes trying to read your college textbook at night. These dorm lighting options will not only allow you to add some extra light to your college dorm room, but they are also compact and add to your dorm room decor.

1 - Clip Light - Dorm clip lights are great for college dorm rooms. They are compact and take up no space on a dorm desk or college nightstand. The large clip allows this dorm essentials item to be securely attached to your dorm desk or even the headboard or frame of your dorm bed. The portability of this college supplies item will allow you to be able to study wherever you choose to in your dorm room so when you want to relax on your dorm chair or dorm bed and study, you don't have to squint your eyes to see and uncomfortably angle your college textbook to see with the overhead dorm light. Plus when your roommate is sleeping, you won't have to leave your dorm room to study or disturb them with the overhead dorm lamp as you'll have a small dorm light to study by!

2 - Floor Lamp - As we said, that overhead dorm light isn't going to add much lighting to your college dorm room. A dorm floor lamp is going to add extra lighting to specific areas of your college dorm room. You can keep this dorm necessities item by your dorm bed or dorm desk and have extra dorm lighting when you need it. Plus the dorm lamp shade is available in different colors so you can choose the color that best goes with your dorm room decor. You'll get extra dorm lighting plus some dorm room decorations in one cheap dorm supplies product! Plus if you have more than one color theme in your dorm room decor and your college dorm room is exceptionally dark, you can add a couple of these college supplies to your college dorm room!

3 - Book Light - These cheap dorm supplies are not to be underestimated. Compact and portable, they will come in handy when you want to study when your roommate is sleeping or when you're on a airplane or bus trip and need some extra light to read or study by. Unfortunately, there may also be times when the electricity goes out in your college dorm room and you need to study. Using the flashlight on your smartphone to read by will drain the battery quick. With this cheap dorm supplies item in your dorm necessities, you don't have to worry about getting behind in your English or History class because you couldn't do the homework. Simply attach this dorm light to your college textbook!

4 - Christmas Lights - Don't underestimate how much some dorm Christmas Lights will add to your dorm room decor. They'll add some extra lighting to your college dorm room, but they'll also complete your overall dorm room decor theme. You can create designs with one string or multiple strings on your college dorm wall and have multiple strings of all one color or multiple colors. The possibilities are endless! Wrap these dorm essentials around the outer edge of a large dorm message board for a unique look to your dorm room decorations! These dorm necessities will add extra pops of color to your dorm room and make it feel even more like a little home away from home.

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