How To Make The Most of College Closet Space

College dorm rooms do not offer much in the area of dorm room storage and this is especially true for dorm room closets. College closets are going to be the catch all for your dorm necessities. You'll end up keeping your shoes, a lot (if not all) of your clothes, and even your pantry and cooking items in your college closet. And those are just the basic college supplies you'll be storing in your closet! Chances are you'll end up storing a lot more dorm necessities in your college closet than what we listed. So how do you maximize how much you can store while keeping it organized? With the right dorm essentials, you won't be afraid of a pile of dorm items falling out every time you open the door - believe it or not, adding more dorm organizers will add more dorm room storage to your college closet while taking up little dorm closet space.

1 - Scarf and Accessory Hanger - Scarves and belts are hard dorm items to store. If not stored properly, they can fall all over the place and become damaged and dirty. A scarf and accessory hanger like our Flower Petal Hanger has fabric lining so your dorm essentials don't slip off and fall easily and it also holds plenty of scarves and belts, allowing you to see what dorm accessories you have and also be able to easily access them since they are neatly organized. You can even store your washcloths and dorm hand towels in the loops so they don't fall into the back of your dorm closet shelf where you can't reach them. Plus in a cheerful color and design, you will have some cute additions to your college closet that put you in a good mood every time you open your college closet!

2 - Multi-Tier Hangers - Multi-Tier hangers are some of the best dorm storage solutions you can add. Dorm hangers take up a lot of space on your college closet rod. You could have only half of your clothes put in your closet and your dorm closet rod is filled. Your clothes are squished together and you can't see all of what you have, much less access it! With a Multi-Tier Hanger for your pants, skirts, and shirts you won't lose college closet space on your dorm closet rod. You'll be using vertical space instead, allowing you to stack items that take up a lot of dorm room storage space. Plus you won't have to worry about your clothes becoming wrinkled because they will be neatly stored!

3 - Sweater Shelves - You may or may not have a dorm dresser. Whether you do or do not, there are still going to be clothes that you don't have room for, whether it is your sweaters, seasonal clothes, or T-Shirts. These may be items that you can't fit in your dorm dresser or don't want to hang up on a dorm hanger. Possibly the best way to maximize the amount of dorm room storage space you have in your dorm closet is with a Sweater Shelf like our TUSK Sweater Shelves. Our Tusk line is incredibly durable and built to last, and you'll also get plenty of extra dorm room storage space with this simple, cheap dorm supplies item. This dorm necessities item takes up very little space on the closet rod and gives you 6 vertical shelves to store T-Shirts, Sweaters, and more. You can even keep your clothes organized even further by designating certain shelves for certain clothing items!

4 - Jewelry Holder - If you're bringing Jewelry to college, there are a few things you want. You want to keep it organized because it is a hassle to untangle necklaces every day. You also want to keep your jewelry in your own dorm room and not have it end up in someone else's. You may not have room on top of your dorm dresser for a jewelry box or do but don't want it out in the open. What do you do? You don't have to avoid bringing your jewelry to college altogether! With a dorm storage solution like our Dress Jewelry Holder, you can keep your jewelry organized but you can also keep it hidden. This dorm essentials item will blend in with the rest of your clothes to help prevent theft of some of your most valuable dorm essentials.

5 - Dorm Storage Totes - Don't underestimate how much dorm room storage a few dorm storage totes can add to your dorm room closet. You can place a few of these dorm essentials on the shelf in your college closet to be able to reach and access your dorm items better or you can even stack these dorm necessities on your college closet floor to keep your college supplies organized and also keep what you're storing from becoming dirty from sitting on your dorm closet floor. These dorm storage solutions are perfect for dorm towels, seasonal clothes, and more. You can even color coordinate your dorm totes to match your dorm room decor or you can color coordinate according to what you have stored to make searching for your sweater or towel easier!
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