How To Make The Most of College Closet Space

College dorm rooms do not offer much in the area of dorm room storage and this is especially true for dorm room closets. College closets are going to be the catch all for your dorm necessities. You'll end up keeping your shoes, a lot (if not all) of your clothes, and even your pantry and cooking items in your college closet. And those are just the basic college supplies you'll be storing in your closet! Chances are you'll end up storing a lot more dorm necessities in your college closet than what we listed. So how do you maximize how much you can store while keeping it organized? With the right dorm essentials, you won't be afraid of a pile of dorm items falling out every time you open the door - believe it or not, adding more dorm closet organizers gives you more dorm room storage options while taking up little dorm closet space.

1 - Clothes and Accessory Hangers - Just like any closet, your college closet needs essential hangers so you can keep your clothing and fashion accessories neat and organized. Stock up on dorm room clothes hangers in a variety of colors and sizes that vary from Thin Soft Grip Hangers to our durable Jumbo Thick Hangers. And we also have you covered for your other fashion accessories like hats, scarves, jewelry, and even shoes! Unique college closet hangers like our Possum Hangers provide vertical storage space for those fashion essentials that you don't want to leave home without so that they don't end up creating a cluttered and messy dorm closet.

2 - Over the Door Hooks and Racks - Another great way to ensure that you have enough dorm storage space in your dorm room closet is by utilizing your closet door! Your college closet door is prime dorm organization space, so bring some racks or hooks that are designed to fit over that door for extra storage opportunities. With a variety of over the door college closet hooks to choose from, you can easily make you are have enough places to hang your clothes, coats, and even your dorm bath towels.

3 - Sweater Shelves - Some college dorms come equipped with essential dorm room furniture like a dorm dresser. But, this isn't always the case, so it helps to bring useful dorm supplies like hanging sweater shelves with you when you move in to your dorm room! Our line of durable TUSK® Sweater Shelves have (6) openings to help you better store your sweaters and other clothing items. Best of all, this must-have college closet essential is designed to hang down from the rod in your dorm closet, creating extra storage space without taking up too much room. Available in a variety of colors, you can choose the dorm sweater shelf that fits your aesthetic better and perfectly matches your college décor color scheme.

4 - Garment Racks - Do you plan on bringing a lot of clothes with you to college? With every day clothes, going out clothes, comfy clothes, fashion accessories, shoes, and even dorm towels, it is easy to see how your dorm closet and dorm dresser (if you even have one) can get quickly overloaded. Don't leave behind anything you want to bring with you to college, just find a different storage option that works best for your dorm room! If you have the space, a compact college garment rack can help alleviate all of that congestion in your college closet. And, to make sure one of DormCo's sturdy dorm garment racks is the perfect fit for any college student, some options are even adjustable.

5 - Dorm Closet Sets - When you need so many different dorm essentials, shopping for all of your college supplies can get overwhelming at times. While dorm storage items are crucial for any small dorm room, we don't want you to sweat trying to figure out every college closet organizer that you need. Our dorm closet sets provide you with the opportunity to easily shop for all of your college closet organization needs so you can focus on your other college supplies like your extra long Twin bedding! With different colors and configurations, you can find the perfect college closet set to ensure that your dorm room closet stays neat and tidy throughout your college semester.
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