Turn Your Dorm Bed into a Comfortable Oasis!

Your dorm bed doesn't start out comfortable at all. You need to add dorm necessities like Mattress Encasements, Twin XL Mattress Toppers and Mattress Pads Twin XL to your dorm bed to turn it into a comfortable place to sleep. You know you need those dorm essentials and that you also need Twin XL Sheets and a Twin XL Comforter, but maybe you want to maximize the comfort of your college dorm bed. After all, you're going to be spending the most time in your college dorm room in your dorm bed and you want to make it a place to get a quality night's sleep every night so you can succeed in college day after day.

1 - Dorm Bedding Blanket - College blankets are important dorm items to head to college with. You're going to want more than just your Twin XL College Comforter and XL Twin Sheets for your dorm bed. There are going to be times that you want to curl up with a blanket to read, study, or watch a movie. You're also going to want to curl up with that dorm bedding blanket when you sleep at night for extra comfort that will make you place your dorm alarm clock on the other side of the dorm room to force yourself out of your dorm bed. DormCo carries a variety of dorm bedding blankets that you will love to wrap up in, including our Wormhole Twin XL Dorm Bedding Blanket. This dorm necessities item is a dorm bedding blanket that you literally crawl into and it engulfs you in super comfortable fleece on all sides!

2 - Dorm Bedrest - Dorm Bedrests are dorm essentials to turn your dorm bed into comfortable, soft dorm seating. You don't have many dorm room seating options in your college dorm room. This dorm necessities item is a dorm essential for when you want to sit in your dorm bed and study or watch a movie. You don't want to lean against your cold dorm room wall and just your college pillow may not cut it. You want and need extra back support when you're sitting against your dorm wall. DormCo carries a variety of Dorm Bedrests that will allow you to match this dorm item with your other dorm bedding for a cool dorm room decor style! Made extra thick for firm support, this dorm necessities item will be super comfortable when you're using your dorm bed as a dorm chair!

3 - Decorative Dorm Room Pillows - You can't have too many college pillows! Decorative dorm throw pillows are dorm essentials that often go underestimated or forgotten. With a few dorm supplies like decorative dorm room pillows on your college dorm bed, you'll not only have extra comfort to lean back against when relaxing in your dorm bed, you'll also be adding to your college dorm room decor! Available in a variety of styles and colors, you can get a few of these college supplies to mix and match with your dorm room decorations. You can even place a few on your dorm furniture like your dorm mini-futon for a complete look in your college dorm room!

4 - Dorm Blackout Curtain - This is an important dorm essentials item you don't want to go to college without. Unfortunately, there may be a light right outside of your college dorm room. That means your college dorm room is going to be lit up a bit. Having light in your college dorm room won't help you sleep well at all. To avoid covering your head with a dorm blanket to sleep well, invest in a dorm curtain. This dorm necessities item will block 99.99% of sunlight to allow your college dorm room to be dark and help you get a quality night's sleep. Plus if you plan on napping in the afternoon, this dorm essentials item will prevent you from getting distracted from the light coming through your college dorm room window.

5 - Bedside Caddy - How can a dorm caddy help your college dorm bed become more comfortable? Because it keeps the dorm necessities you need by your bed in a convenient spot bedside! You may not have room for a college nightstand in your dorm room. With this college supplies item, you can keep everything you need at night by your dorm bed so you don't have to get in and out of your dorm bed at night. Keep your glasses, phone, remote, college textbook you were studying from, and even a glass of water right by your bed in this dorm essentials item!
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