Dorm Essentials for Doing Laundry in College

Doing laundry while in college is a necessity. It may not be the most fun thing to do while enjoying the freedom of dorm life, but it is still crucial. And in order to make sure laundry day runs smoothly, you are going to want certain college supplies with you on move in day so you don't have to worry about them later. If you didn't receive any of these items as a highschool graduation gift, we recommend you add them to your essential dorm supplies checklist! From a must have dorm laundry bag or college hamper down to a convenient and compact dorm sewing kit, these college laundry items will help you out all semester long.

1 - College Hampers & Dorm Laundry Bags - The most important dorm laundry accessory to have is a college laundry bag or dorm room hamper. Your college laundry hamper is going to be a staple within your dorm room, so you may want to choose the perfect color to match your Twin XL bedding as well as your college decor. But you will also want a functional dorm laundry bag that will make storing your dirty (and clean) laundry and transporting it to and from your college dorm to the dorm laundry room a breeze! Easily carry your laundry with our durable TUSK® Laundry Backpack, which also comes with a pocket for dryer sheets or other college accessories. Or, go with Gomie for the best dorm laundry experience! With so many unique features and two available sizes, standard and mondo, this high quality college duffle laundry bag with wheels is the perfect dorm companion when it comes to laundry. Designed with durable wheels and a handle for easy transport, this black dorm laundry bag is also made with two sturdy zipper openings that will keep your dirty clothes in, but also allow for easy access to take your clean clothes out after washing. With one of our essential college laundry bags or dorm hampers as part of your dorm room, laundry day isn't going to seem so bad.

2 - Dorm Sewing Kit - When living in a dorm room, you might not be able to bring all of your clothes with you. And since you don't have room for all of your clothes, it's important to keep the clothes you do have with you in college looking as good as new. You don't want to throw out your favorite T-Shirt just because of a small hole that could easily be fixed! You especially don't want to throw out any new clothing that you might have just bought for college. With a simple college sewing kit as part of your dorm supplies, you can mend your favorite clothes and not have to throw anything out! Our dorm sewing kits contain everything you need for mending your clothes. You'll receive thread, needles, and more essential college sewing supplies all in one convenient dorm kit. With all those dorm items in one carrying case, you don't have to worry about dorm room shopping for each item separately and leaving something behind. Plus, since all those college supplies are in one carrying case, you will be able to keep those dorm necessities organized!

3 - Stain Remover - This is one of the most important dorm accessories for laundry that you will go dorm room shopping for. If your parents did your laundry at home, you might not know what to do should stains occur on your clothing. When living in a dorm room, it's inevitable that your clothes will become stained at some point thanks to a sometimes hectic college schedule. Whether you tripped when leaving a classroom and spilled coffee on your favorite shirt or some grease from pizza dripped onto your favorite pair of jeans, you can't just throw away your favorite clothes and you're going to want to have some powerful stain remover as part of your dorm supplies. Our Mom's Magical Goop Stain Remover is one of the toughest college stain remover solutions around and can even remove old stains! Grease, markers, paint, makeup, gum...this powerful dorm essentials item removes it all and lets you keep your clothes looking nice and new!

4 - Dorm Drying Rack - Doing laundry in college is a unique struggle, so this is yet another important dorm item you will want in your college supplies. If you're lucky enough to have a free dorm washer that another college student isn't using in the dorm laundry room, you may not be lucky enough to get an available dryer as well. You would think that since a washer is free, a dryer is free, but that's not so in college. Some college students may dry their clothes for a really long time or they simply won't remove their clothes promptly. If you do happen to get a free dryer in the dorm laundry room, then some of your clothes may still be damp when you remove them. Or there is always the possibility that you don't have time to wait around for your clothes to dry. Luckily, we have the perfect dorm solution! Keep a college drying rack in your dorm room for these occasions and you never have to worry about how you are going to fully dry your laundry again. Dorm drying racks fold up compact so you can store them underneath your dorm bed or in your college closet and take them out when you need to.

5 - Ironing Board - You're going to need a dorm room iron in college and you're also going to need a dorm ironing board. College ironing boards for dorms aren't as large as the one you may have at home, which is a good thing! Small dorm room space requires compact college supplies, and these dorm ironing boards are no exception. These college ironing boards are made to be compact so you can store it easily in your college dorm room. After all, you don't have much dorm room storage space so you don't want to bring a regular large ironing board into your dorm room. DormCo carries a variety of dorm ironing boards that will make doing laundry in college easier. Keep your clothes looking perfect with one of our essential dorm ironing boards!
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