Dorm Essentials for Doing Laundry in College

Doing laundry while in college is a necessity. It may not be the most fun thing to do while enjoying the freedom of dorm life, but it is still crucial. And in order to make sure laundry day runs smoothly, you are going to need the right laundry bag or laundry hamper for the job. If you didn't receive any of these items as a highschool graduation gift, we recommend you add them to your essential dorm supplies checklist! Picking out a high quality laundry hamper or laundry bag for college can make a difference, turning the dreaded laundry day from a huge hassle to just another regular part of your week as a busy college student.

These high performance laundry hampers rank at the top of our must-have dorm supplies checklist! The Gomie Canvas Hamper is the Cadillac of dorm laundry supplies. With so many unique features and two available sizes, Standard and Mondo, this ultra durable college duffle laundry bag with wheels is the perfect dorm companion when it comes to conquering laundry day. Designed with durable rolling wheels and a luggage handle for easy transport, this black dorm laundry bag is also made with two sturdy zipper openings that will keep your dirty clothes in while also allowing for easy access to take your clean clothes out after washing. With this essential college laundry bag as part of your dorm room packing list, laundry day isn't going to seem so bad!

Looking for something with a similar quality to our Gomie Canvas Trunks, but at a lower price point? The Oversized College Laundry Duffel Bag may lack some of the Gomie’s features, but is still just as durable and more convenient than basic laundry bags. This XL laundry backpack is made with a similar rugged canvas material for superior performance, but has just one zipper closure on top instead of a double opening. Dual handles plus backpack straps make for easy transportation to and from your on campus laundry room. An extra front storage pocket also allows you to bring along dryer sheets, laundry detergent pods, bleach pens, and any other laundry supplies you will need. And with an extra large size, college guys and student athletes will be especially glad for the increased laundry load capacity provided by this jumbo laundry bag!

If you don’t do a ton of laundry, a smaller college laundry solution may be an acceptable option. Our TUSK® College Storage Laundry Backpack is at the intersection of affordability, convenience, and quality! About half the price of the Oversized College Laundry Duffel Bag, this laundry backpack is made with a lighter weight 500D Polyester instead of heavy duty Canvas like the Gomie and the Laundry Duffel Bag. However, as a part of our reliable TUSK® brand, this high quality laundry bag is still sure to hold up from move-in day all the way to graduation. With just one shoulder strap, this sling-style backpack for laundry is still easy to carry down to your dorm laundry room. This standard dorm essential also has a front pocket for those important laundry supplies that you need to bring to the laundromat. Plus, unlike our previous options, this fun laundry bag comes in multiple colors like pink, blue, and mint green, to match the rest of your dorm bathroom and laundry stuff!

Some college students come to university with very limited real world experience. If your parents never really taught you how to do laundry, you aren’t alone! Thankfully, we have a solution for the laundry-illiterate. This basic laundry bag includes clear step-by-step directions on how to do your laundry in college from start to finish. This useful laundry accessory explains how to use both powder and liquid laundry detergent, and even what temperature to which you should set your college washing machine! Don’t worry about ruining your clothes when you have this practical laundry bag on your dorm supplies list. This simple laundry bag has a classic drawstring closure to keep your laundry contained. The most affordable laundry bag on our list, this is for the college student who doesn't need all the extra bells and whistles–just need a good laundry bag that gets the job done!

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