Must Have Dorm Items for College Athletes

When you're a college athlete, you need extra comfort and support in your dorm bedding. College is stressful and hectic as it is. You're going to have college classes all day sometimes along with a weird schedule of college classes depending on when things are offered. Add a part or full time job to that and the sport you're in and you're going to be incredibly busy. When you're in college, you need to be able to perform to the best of your abilities both in your college courses and in the sport (or sports!) that you're playing in. DormCo offers a new variety of Twin XL Mattress Encasements that will help you get the comfort and sleep you need to do your best!

Here at DormCo, we know how important your sleep and comfort are to your success in your college classes and the sports you play. We offer a variety of Active Lifestyle Bedding that offer different benefits so you can choose what you need for your dorm bedding in order to get a good night's sleep and help your muscles and body recover so you can perform in your chosen sport the next day. If your Twin XL Dorm Bedding isn't comfortable, you're not going to be able to sleep well. When you can't sleep well, you're going to feel sore - and that goes for every college student, no matter if you play a sport or not! Imagine how you would feel if you play a sport and don't get a good night's sleep! It's a bad combination, so make sure you have dorm essentials that offer you plenty of comfort.

To start with, we offer our Waterproof Twin XL Fitted Mattress Cover - Active Student 100 Series. This mattress cover fits over your dorm bed mattress like a fitted sheet and blocks dust mites and allergens for an extra benefit to this dorm necessities item! This Twin XL Mattress Cover has a Contour Fit 4-Way Stretch that will contour to your body and mattress, allowing you free range of motion while you sleep. That sounds pretty good on it's own, but then it gets better because this college supplies item also has Re-Ax Fiber which is a really high tech fiber. This fiber constantly reacts to your body while you are sleeping and regulates the temperature so you have a cool sleep surface to help you sleep better. The technology of this dorm essentials item will allow you to get a quality night's sleep and energize for the next day.

The next level of this Active Student Series is the Waterproof Twin XL Mattress Encasement - Active Student 100Z Series. This Twin XL Mattress Encasement has the same great benefits of the 100 Series, but it slips over your entire Twin XL Dorm Mattress and zips around to enclose it. For college athletes with allergen concerns, this is a great option. This dorm necessities item provides the next level in allergen protection. Our Twin XL Mattress Encasement 100Z Series has Allerzip technology. The AllerZip is the best in allergy and bed bug prevention. With this protection you'll get double stitched seams and 6 sided bite proof protection. Not only will you get the cool, comfortable sleep surface, you'll also get the added benefit of bed bug and allergen protection.

For ultimate comfort and advanced muscle recovery, we offer the Tencel Fiber Twin XL Waterproof Mattress Cover - Active Student 300 Energize Series. This Twin XL Mattress Cover has advanced technology for muscle recovery and comfort. This dorm essentials item has Re-Ax Unleashed with Tencel Fiber Technology to react to your body while you are sleeping and provide moisture management and temperature control. With this Twin XL Mattress Cover, you'll also get the benefits of this college supplies item being hypo-allergenic and this dorm item also prevents bacterial growth.

With the advanced technologies in these dorm necessities, you'll be able to help your muscles recover quicker to be able to do your best day after day! Plus you'll have the comfortable, cool sleep surface you need for a quality night's sleep in college!
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