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You're going to be eating in your dorm room a lot more than you think, either because your schedule won't match up with the college cafe's or because the food just isn't that great. You're going to find that you may be eating in the college cafe once a day or just a few times a week. When you're eating in your college dorm room, you're going to want more food than just Ramen and Macaroni and Cheese. With the right college supplies for cooking, you can expand your cooking options while not losing a lot of dorm room storage space or spending a lot of money!

1 – Potato Cooker – You may have thought you had to go home for some tasty loaded baked potatoes, but you don't have to! This dorm essentials item will allow you to cook potatoes right in your college dorm room so you can have healthier and more filling options for your lunch and dinner while not spending a lot of money on takeout. This college supplies product can cook up to four medium sized potatoes at once and has prongs in the base to pierce and evenly cook your potatoes. Don't give up on having your favorite foods simply because you're living in a dorm room! Go dorm room shopping for simple dorm necessities that will allow you to still have the foods you love!

2 – Egg Cookers – You don't have to be stuck with bagels or cereal for breakfast! If you love eggs, you don't have to rearrange your schedule just to eat eggs in the college cafe that may or may not make you swear off eggs until you get back home. Eggs are actually something you can cook very easily right in your college dorm room while you get ready to go to class! DormCo has a couple options for cooking eggs in your college dorm room, two of which are the Egg Poacher and Omelet Maker. The Egg Poacher is a neat little dorm essentials item that will poach two eggs on one side and when you flip the cooker upside down (after you take your eggs out of course!) you can cook breakfast meats on the other side, allowing you to have bacon and eggs right before class. The Omelet Maker will allow you to make an omelet right in your microwave - simply place the veggies where you want them to be in your omelet, microwave, and then eat!

3 – Steamers and Cookers – DormCo has a variety of steamers and cookers so you can really get some good food cooking in your college dorm room! We have a compact Microwave Mini Steamer that will allow you to steam fresh or frozen vegetables right in your microwave so you can eat vegetables for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We also have a variety of Rice, Oatmeal, and Combination Rice and Pasta Makers. You can easily mix and match these cheap dorm supplies so you can have a large variety of food and cooking supplies in your dorm room. The best part is these are all compact so you don't lose dorm storage space!

4 – Instant Pot Multi-Functional Cooker – This is where you can really expand your cooking abilities and meals. The Instant Pot Multi-Functional Cooker combines six cookers in one! With a variety of cooking options in one cooker, you will save tons of dorm room storage space because you're not storing six separate cookers. The huge bonus of this Instant Pot Cooker is that it is compact in itself so you will end up saving even more dorm room storage space. This dorm necessities product has pressure cooker, slow cooker, saute, steamer, rice cooker, and warming functions all in one product so you can expand your cooking options!

5 – Dorm Room Storage Containers – With so many cheap dorm supplies for cooking, you're also going to need containers to store your food in your dorm mini-fridge. Since you're on a budget, food going bad because it is not properly stored can be stressful. With specialized containers for lettuce, berries, and vegetables that have air venting options, you can properly store your food so that it lasts longer than it would in the bags the vegetables and fruits originally came in. When you're expanding your food options beyond Ramen, you want to make sure that food lasts long by being properly stored!

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