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You're going to be eating in your dorm room a lot more than you think, either because your schedule won't match up with the college cafe's or because the food just isn't that great. You're going to find that you may be eating in the college cafe once a day or just a few times a week. With the right college supplies for cooking, you can expand your dorm cooking skills without losing a lot of dorm room storage space or spending a lot of money!

1 – Serving Set – If you plan on cooking in your dorm room, you'll obviously need something to eat on! Thankfully, DormCo has some great college student friendly serving-ware sets that are a must-have dorm item for any college student, budding chef or not. All of our dorm dish sets are made with high quality, microwave safe, 100% BPA free plastic dining ware. These USA Made dinnerware sets are especially suited for dorm life, since plastic bowls and plates are easy to clean, won't break, and can be safely microwaved in dorm rooms. Our dorm plates and bowl sets include all the basic dishes that you'll need for college, including plates, bowls, cups, and even an extra large serving bowl for popcorn, chips, and other dorm snacks.

2 – Silverware Set – Along with the necessary plates and bowls that you'll need for college, you will also need a basic flatware set. Unless you plan on eating everything with your hands, adding some affordable silverware to your dorm supplies checklist is a must! Most college students don't need much when it comes to silverware, and there is no need to invest in a separate set of salad forks, desert spoons, and steak knives when you'll mostly be cooking easy single course meals in your dorm room. You're mostly just looking for a simple fork, spoon, and knife set that will last you a few years from move-in day until graduation, until it's time to upgrade to a real set of high quality silverware once you get your first apartment. Nonetheless, this is still an obviously important dorm item you don't want to forget in your dorm kitchen.

3 – Mini Fridge Storage – Now that you have your dorm bowls and plates, you'll need a place to put them! Dorm rooms are notorious for limited storage space. While you may just barely have room for a college mini fridge, where are you supposed to store your dorm eating accessories? Some stack their plates messily on top of their dorm mini fridge, but this is a plate avalanche waiting to happen. Instead, maximize your dorm storage opportunities with an over the fridge caddy. Our Cookin' Caddy line of college kitchen storage is designed especially to help you make the most of limited dorm kitchen space. When your plates, bowls, silverware, cups, and extra college cooking supplies are well organized, you can keep your dorm room from turning into a messy disaster.

4 – Dueling Cooker – Finally, on to the actual cooking products! Once your dorm room plates and dorm silverware set have both been properly organized, you can start collecting microwave cooking accessories that help you really make the most of the limited space and power abilities in your makeshift college kitchen setup. And if you want to double the cooking ability of your microwave, our Dueling Cooker is the way to do it! Microwave two blocks of ramen at once, or switch it up and make mac n' cheese in one compartment while steaming veggies on the side. Get creative with new microwave cooking recipes thanks to this useful microwave safe container!

With these dorm kitchen essentials, you can have all the important college stuff you need to get cooking in your dorm room. We aren't a microwave recipe website, but we know that hundreds of college students have discovered new ways to make the most of the limited resources they have when it comes to DIY dorm kitchens. Make the most of your tiny dorm room kitchen setup with more cool dorm supplies from DormCo!

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