Dorm Space Savers to Make Your College Dorm Room Better

Your college dorm room is going to be small, as you already know. You may think that bringing less to college is going to be better, and to a certain extent it is. However, for a neat and organized dorm room, you need to add more dorm organizers, not less. We know, it sounds weird. But when you check out our list of dorm space savers to make your dorm room better, you're going to see how adding more dorm room storage and more dorm organizers is going to give you more room.

1 - Bookshelves - Your college dorm desk may be just a table surface or may be a full desk with upper shelving that's better than what you have at home. If your dorm desk isn't going to have upper shelving (in other words it's just a table surface that may or may not have drawers), you're going to want to add some dorm shelving. It will make your college life so much easier. Our Dorm Desk Bookshelves are fantastic - these dorm essentials sit right on top of your dorm desk and you have options to choose from for what you need. No matter which option you choose, however, you're going to be getting divided dorm shelf space in these dorm bookcases. You can put a dorm lamp on these shelves, tissue boxes, desk college supplies - whatever you need within arm's reach. The most important dorm items you can keep on these shelves? Your college textbooks and notebooks! You're going to have a lot of college textbooks and notebooks and nowhere to store them. The drawers that may or may not be in your dorm desk are quickly going to be filled up with other college supplies or textbooks that you don't need until the end of the semester. Keep your college textbooks within reach and organized by keeping them in convenient desk shelving. Plus this is a dorm essentials product that isn't going to take up much space - it uses vertical space instead of taking up a lot of real estate on your dorm desk.

2 - Under Bed Storage - The biggest dorm space savers you can get while dorm room shopping that will offer you PLENTY of dorm room storage space are Under Bed Storage dorm items. College students always forget about using the space under their dorm bed for their dorm essentials. Think how big your dorm bed is - and then if you're adding bed risers, you're going to have even more dorm room storage space! So when you move into your college dorm room, clean out the dust bunnies from underneath that dorm bed and store your extra college supplies in under bed storage! You don't want to place your dorm essentials underneath your dorm bed without keeping them in a dorm organizer - it's going to be messy and inconvenient. With under bed storage dorm organizers, you can slip out the dorm organizer conveniently and take out what you need. Our Ultimate Underbed Drawer Trunk is fantastic for maximizing your dorm room storage space. It is a massive size of 34"L x 26"W x 8"H - the length is as wide as your dorm bed! It has the ability to come with or without wheels and has a heavy duty slip cover to keep your dorm necessities dust free. This drawer trunk is massive and heavy duty to hold plenty of dorm essentials conveniently under your dorm bed.

3 - Closet Organizers - One of the ways to maximize on your dorm room storage is through dorm organizers that use more vertical space than horizontal space. You won't use vertical space much, you're going to be using more horizontal space so investing in dorm room storage dorm essentials that are tall is a great way to add plenty of extra dorm room storage space to your dorm room. Closet organizers are a great way of using vertical space. Our TUSK Hanging Sweater Shelves take up more vertical space than they do horizontal space on your dorm closet rod. On the closet rod, you may have been able to fit about 10-15 shirts on hangers. Replace those shirts and hangers with our hanging sweater shelves and you'll be able to hold A LOT - it will be like having another dresser in your dorm room. You can stack jeans, T-Shirts, or sweaters and since there are six shelves, you can even have shelves designated for certain clothing items. Our TUSK Sweater Shelves are also incredibly durable - made of 600D polyester, these closet organizers are built to last.

4 - Over The Door Storage - Along with the space under your dorm bed, the space over your dorm door is another area that frequently goes unused. You can use the area over your dorm door for plenty of things - you can use it for extra clothing storage, invest in dorm door hooks to hold a college backpack and coat, place a dorm drying rack over the door to dry your clothes after washing, or you can store your shoes in a dorm organizer over the door. Shoe organizers like our TUSK Hanging Over The Door Shoe Pockets hold 20 pairs of shoes - heels, sneakers, flats, flip flops, or other footwear. With over the door shoe organizers, you don't have to worry about your shoes being in a heap on your closet floor or worse - having to pick and choose what you bring. This dorm organizer takes up literally no space because you are placing it on an already existing dorm item.

5 - Foldable College Luggage - Now this is a cool dorm essentials product. You're going to need dorm luggage for moving in and out of college, visiting your family on breaks, traveling, or taking advantage of your college's study abroad program. This dorm luggage has a spacious main compartment to hold plenty of college supplies, spinner wheels for easy transport, and is made of durable Crinkle Oxford Nylon. Now for the super cool part - this is the most compact dorm luggage around. Dorm luggage can be a hassle because it takes up so much space when not in use. This dorm essentials product does not which makes it an amazing dorm space saver! This dorm necessities product folds up compact into a small pouch when it's not in use so it can be stored anywhere you have free space!
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