Dorm Space Savers to Make Your College Dorm Room Better

You probably already know that your college dorm room is going to be small, so it is best to be prepared before move-in day. It may sound like bringing less stuff to college is a good idea, and to a certain extent it is. However, you can't leave everything at home, which means you'll definitely want to bring some college space savers with you for a neat and organized dorm room. Sometimes, less is more. But the more useful dorm storage supplies you have in your college dorm, the better! You can easily add these dorm room storage items and actually free up more storage space in your college dorm.

1 - Bookshelves - Your college dorm desk may be just a flat surface or it may be a full desk with upper shelving that's better than what you have at home. If your dorm desk isn't going to have upper shelving and will just be a flat tabletop-like surface, you're going to want to add some dorm shelving. College life is definitely easier when you can organize your dorm desk and store some of your college supplies in the process. Our Dorm Desk Bookshelves are just what you need to utilize your college desk space. These dorm essentials sit right on top of your dorm desk and you can choose between different styles and colors to best fit your college dorm decor. Luckily, no matter which option you choose, you're going to be enjoying extra dorm storage space in the form of a useful college desk bookshelf! You can put whatever you need within arm's reach on this dorm desk bookshelf - a clock, dorm desk supplies, college textbooks, tissues, notebooks, college dorm decor, and more. With all of these smaller dorm items nestled on the shelves of your dorm desk bookshelf, you can enjoy a college desk that is uncluttered! Plus, this is an essential dorm product that isn't going to take up much space - sitting on top of your college dorm desk, it uses the top of dorm furniture that is already in your college dorm.

2 - Under Bed Storage - The biggest dorm space savers that will offer you PLENTY of dorm storage space are under bed college storage items. College students can sometimes forget about using the space under their dorm bed for their dorm essentials... but it is there to be used! Your Twin XL dorm room bed is going to take up a lot of space in your dorm room, so you'll have plenty of under bed college storage space at your disposal. So when you move into your college dorm room, clean out the dust bunnies from underneath that dorm bed and store your extra college supplies under there using under bed dorm storage items! Dorm under bed storage supplies are a college essential. Not only will they keep the space underneath your extra long Twin bed organized, it will also keep your dorm supplies off of sometimes dirty dorm room floor. With the right under bed storage dorm organizers, you can easily access your stored dorm items and quickly move the college organizer back underneath your dorm bed. From durable dorm trunks, sturdy shelves, and lightweight college storage bags, you'll find just what you need to turn that free space underneath your dorm bed into the perfect place to store your shoes, clothes, and even your extra Twin XL college bedding pieces. And you can free up even more space underneath your Twin extra long dorm bed with a set of college bed risers!

3 - Twin XL Bed Risers - Sure, your dorm bed is going to have some space underneath for you to store some dorm supplies, but there is nothing wrong with wanting more. Dorm bed risers can help you maximize that important dorm storage space that is hiding underneath your extra long Twin bed. Just think of all of the extra college supplies you can fit underneath your dorm bed with a set of sturdy college bed risers! You could fit a bigger college footlocker and more dorm storage supplies under there. A raised or lofted Twin XL bed can provide you with even more much needed college storage space, so the big question is, how high do you want to go? You can choose to add a little bit of space and add between 3" to 8" more of extra dorm under bed storage space... or you can go big with our Suprima® Ultimate Height Bed Risers and raise your college dorm bed over 20.5"! With any of these durable dorm bed risers, you don't want to forget about a stylish college bed skirt or dorm bed skirt panels to help hide all of the college supplies that you can now fit underneath your XL Twin bed. Please note, advise checking the information for each of our college bed riser sets to make sure they are a good fit for your dorm room.

4 - Wooden Dorm Storage Furniture - With all the space you are already saving, you could probably add some dorm furniture to your college supplies checklist! But even with all of the space you are freeing up with useful college storage items, we know that your dorm room probably can't fit big and bulky dorm items. Fortunately, our line of durable dorm furniture is made with compact sizing to help you add even more storage space without taking up too much room. Besides dorm desk bookshelves, you can also add a college table, dorm nightstand, and dorm room bench... all designed with extra college storage! When moving into a dorm room, you'll realize that versatile dorm items are essential, so these compact dorm furniture pieces are designed to hold a variety of college supplies. With so many different college furniture styles to fit pretty much anywhere in your dorm room, adding dorm storage furniture is a smart way to increase the look of your dorm decor while also upgrading the amount of storage space you have in your college dorm room.

5 - Mini Fridge Storage and Shelving - Another essential dorm furniture piece you can add to your college dorm room is a dorm mini fridge stand! While it isn't necessarily bad to eat take-out and university cafeteria food every now and then, you probably don't want to do it every day. A college mini fridge not only allows you to store leftovers, but you can have your own food and drinks easily accessible in your dorm room whenever you get hungry or thirsty. A dorm room fridge can't help you save on dorm storage space by itself, but the extra college shelving and storage built to go around your dorm mini fridge sure can! Whether you want to add extra dorm storage shelves above or around your college mini fridge or raise your dorm mini fridge off of your dorm room floor, we have the perfect solution. Our Suprima® mini fridge organizers provide flat shelves, rolling storage compartments, bins, and baskets to hold a variety of dorm supplies. Perfect for extra snacks, dorm kitchen supplies, and eating utensils, these durable and easy to put together metal shelving units can also hold any small college supplies that you just can't seem to find a home for in your dorm. Enjoy the convenience of your own personal dorm room mini fridge and maximize your dorm storage space with one of these college mini fridge organizers!
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