Five Tips on How To Make Your College Dorm Room More Comfortable

Your college dorm room is going to be quite small already and then becomes smaller once you split it in half with your roommate. Your dorm room can also seem a little bland and uncomfortable when you first move in. You're starting a new adventure that is exciting and a little stressful and it unfortunately also brings a little homesickness with it. However, with some rearranging and dorm essentials, you can make your college dorm room feel more like home.

1 – Twin XL Dorm Bedding – This sounds like common sense to say that your college dorm bedding is going to add comfort to your room, but you may only thinking about the basic dorm bedding essentials. Your dorm bed is about so much more than just your Twin XL Sheets and Twin XL College Comforter. For superior comfort, you need to think of the whole package so you can have a quality night's sleep. A college provided mattress may be a few years old and uncomfortable. Leaving the dorm bed as it is can cause back and neck aches and prevent you from getting a quality night's sleep. If you aren't sleeping well because of a lumpy mattress, then it’s going to be hard to concentrate in class and even harder to do your homework later. Prevent this from the start with certain dorm necessities that will even out the surface of the dorm bed to make it more comfortable. To properly assemble the dorm bed and make it more comfortable, start with a Twin XL Mattress Encasement. It doesn’t add much comfort, but it adds peace of mind and protects both the mattress and the dorm bedding and also filters allergens and prevents bed bugs. After that, place a Twin XL bed topper on the mattress – there are many varieties that DormCo carries so you can choose exactly what will feel comfortable. On top of that, place a Twin XL Mattress Pad. This adds an extra layer of softness and also provides a protective barrier between the mattress and your college dorm bedding. Once you have those comfort building dorm items added, only then should you start placing your Extra Long Twin Sheets and XL Twin Comforter for College on your dorm bed. When you're investing in college supplies for college, don't skimp on your dorm bedding - you need to get a good night's sleep every night!

2 – Pillows – College pillows can add a lot to both dorm room décor and to the comfort of the dorm room. Of course there’s more than just basic dorm pillows to think of. There are plenty of different dorm pillows DormCo has that will add comfort to your college dorm room. College dorm rooms lack seating, so having dorm items like bedrests and body pillows will add more comfort to your dorm bed when you're sleeping, but can also be used as extra seating in a pinch. Place against the wall for back support so it is as though the dorm floor is a dorm chair. Place against the wall on the dorm bed to turn the dorm bed into a dorm chair! Along with bedrests and body pillows, there are also decorative throw pillows that can be placed on your dorm bed or on dorm furniture to make the dorm bed or dorm chair sink in soft. These dorm items are also cheap dorm supplies for budget-friendly college shopping. Decorative throw pillows are great for pulling all your dorm room decor dorm essentials together for a complete college room decor style.

3 – Dorm Furniture – Colleges lack dorm chairs and other dorm furniture. At home, you had a few dorm chairs and couches to relax on, but that isn’t so in college. In the small college dorm room, there is going to be the dorm desk chair and the dorm bed and then the floor. You are going to need and want additional seating to relax after class. There are varieties of dorm chairs and mini-futons available so you can choose what is going to work best size and budget wise. These dorm essentials are also specifically made for college dorm rooms so these dorm items are going to fit in your small dorm room because of the compact design. This is one of those dorm items that can be shared with a dorm roommate, so it is best if you can coordinate with your roommate on who is going to bring what in regards to large dorm items.

4 – Dorm Rugs – Dorm rugs are important college supplies. College dorm floors are made of cold, hard linoleum and won’t create a very comfortable environment. The goal of adding dorm items to your college dorm room is to make your college dorm room feel more like home. The cold linoleum of your dorm floor is not going to make your dorm room feel like home, so adding dorm necessities like a college rug to your dorm room is going to add a lot of value. There are plenty of different dorm rugs to choose from. There are different colors, styles, fabrics, sizes, and prices so you can get exactly what you need. Whether covering a small area of your dorm room or getting a dorm area rug, it is going to make your dorm room feel more comfortable and be a place you love to relax in after a long day of college classes.

5 – College Wall Décor – Even college wall décor can make your college dorm room feel more comfortable. To fully make your college dorm room feel like a home away from home, you are going to want to cover your dorm walls with a variety of dorm wall art items. There are plenty of options out there for budget friendly dorm room shopping and there are also plenty of options to create a unique style. There are the basic college posters that are cheap dorm supplies and a dorm item that every college student goes to college with, but there are also other college wall décor items to make the dorm room more comfortable. Dorm tin signs add a retro style to dorm décor and are more durable than college posters. There are also other dorm wall art items like Peel N Stick Dorm Wall Art dorm items that are removable and reusable without causing damage to your dorm wall. One of the most innovative dorm wall art items is removable wallpaper for dorms. Depending on if it can be used in your college dorm room, this removable wallpaper for dorms will allow you to completely transform your dorm room.

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