Five Tips on How To Make Your College Dorm Room More Comfortable

Your dorm room can seem a little bland and uncomfortable when you first move in. Plus, college dorm rooms are usually quite small, and they only become smaller once you split it in half with your college roommate. Add in any essential dorm furniture and you may not have much room left! You're starting a new adventure that is exciting, but it can also be a little stressful and unfortunately can cause some homesickness. However, with some rearranging, decorating, and certain dorm essentials, you can make your college dorm room feel more like home.

  1. 1 – Twin XL Bedding – Of course, no dorm room is complete without the right college bedding, so let's start there! Odds are, your Twin XL dorm bed will have been used before, so choosing dorm bedding that is comfortable and protective is key. Adding a Twin XL Mattress Encasement to your college supplies checklist is a great place to start, as it helps keep you, your XL Twin mattress, and your college bedding safe and clean. Next up, you'll want an extra long Twin mattress pad or mattress topper to add a little extra cushion to your dorm bed. These dorm bedding pieces are great to have on your Twin XL bed, but they may not be the most fun to shop for, but let's get into those fun college bedding essentials! Available in different styles and colors and with ultra cozy materials like cotton, microfiber, and plush, your set of Twin XL dorm bedding sheets adds comfort and style to your college dorm. Layer these sheets with a college blanket and your dorm bed might actually feel more comfortable than your bed at home. And last, but certainly not least, you have your Twin XL Comforter! At DormCo, we think that shopping for your college comforter is one of the more exciting aspects of college life. Sitting on top of your dorm bed, your extra long Twin comforter plays a big part in the style of your college dorm décor. And, of course, your dorm comforter will also provide the most comfort when you add it to your dorm bed. It's a big decision, so we want to make sure you pick the perfect Twin XL college for your comfort and style needs. We have a wide variety of true Twin XL sized comforters that are made from standard microfiber, all the way to luxury plush and down dorm bedding options. You can also choose exciting college comforters with unique textured patterns or go wild with an ultra plush faux fur Twin XL comforter (which is perfect for those who like warm and cozy bedding). If your dorm comforter set doesn't come with a standard dorm pillow sham, we have you covered with some add on college pillow cover options. You can even choose to include a Twin XL Duvet Cover with your college bedding for extra comfort and style that will also make dorm laundry day so much easier.

2 – Standard Size Pillows – For an extra cozy dorm room, you'll also want to include at least one standard size dorm pillow to your Twin XL or Full sized dorm bed. No matter how cozy your college bedding is, if you don't have a comfortable and supportive place to rest your head, you won't be able to get the good, quality sleep you need to crush your college semester. If you don't need anything fancy, we do have a standard microfiber dorm pillow but, if you want to upgrade to something a little more supportive, we got you. With luxury down and down alternative options and even college pillow options that are configured for side sleepers, DormCo has the perfect dorm pillow (or pillows) for your dorm bed!

3 – Dorm Seating – Small dorm rooms and college apartments are usually lacking when it comes to cozy dorm chairs and other college seating options. If you want more options than just your Twin XL bed, dorm desk chair, and your college dorm floor (gross) you'll want to bring some additional dorm seating options with you to college. Of course, small dorm spaces aren't the perfect home for big, bulky furniture, which is why our college chairs and dorm sofas are made to be as compact as possible with some options even folding up so they can be stored out of the way. With a cozy college seating chair and spacious dorm mini-futon or sofa, your dorm room will become the best spot to hang out at around campus. Comfortable dorm seating options will also make your college dorm the perfect place to study and do homework, so you don't have to worry about any distractions that might arise at your university library.

4 – Dorm Room Rugs – College dorm rugs are important college supplies since dorm room floors are made of cold, hard linoleum and won’t create a very comfortable environment. And, since our goal is to help you create the perfect home away from home, it is important to make sure you have essential dorm items that make your dorm room feel welcoming. The cold linoleum of your dorm floor is not going to make your dorm room feel like home, and adding dorm necessities like a college rug to your dorm room is an easy way to improve that not so cozy dorm room floor. With a variety of different colors, styles, fabrics, sizes, and prices, you can get exactly what you need while sticking to your college friendly budget. Whether you need to cover a small area of your dorm room or just need a college area rug, you're going to make your dorm room feel more comfortable and turn it into a place that you love to relax in after a long day of college classes.

5 – Headboards & Other College Décor – In order to make your college dorm room feel like your home away from home, you'll want to add in some dorm décor pieces that show off your style and your interests. DormCo has unique college décor accessories that can really complete the style of your college dorm. Ranging from colorful college desk organizers to dorm mini lights and college wall hangings, this varied selection of college dorm décor is just what you need to make your dorm room feel like home. And one of the biggest pieces of dorm décor that can really change up the look of your dorm room and Twin XL sized bed is a college headboard! Not only will a dorm headboard increase the comfort of your extra long Twin bed, it will also become a huge part of your college décor! At DormCo, you can choose a simple neutral color Twin XL headboard or go with something a little more eye-catching with stylish colors and unique patterns. Versatile dorm items that offer comfort and style are a must-have for any dorm room or college apartment.

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