Get Organized with Durable TUSK Dorm Space Savers!

You want durable dorm essentials for college. You want and need dorm items that will last you year after year. That means you're going to need some pretty high quality college supplies, especially for dorm necessities that get tough college use. DormCo presents you with our line of TUSK College Storage. With our TUSK line of dorm room storage, you will find incredibly durable dorm items and they are also cheap dorm supplies! Our entire line of TUSK College Storage comes in aqua, black, calm mint, rose quartz, white, and grey so you can choose cool dorm essentials in just the right color to match your girl's or guy's dorm room decor.

One of the most stunning features of our TUSK College Storage line is its durability. This must-have dorm stuff is seriously tough and will withstand the wear and tear of dorm life. With our exclusive TUSK dorm room storage as part of your college supplies, you can rest assured that you will have some pretty awesome dorm items that will last you throughout college. Every dorm item in our TUSK College Storage Line is made of 600D Polyester. Other fabric dorm organizers are often made with a cheap, non woven material that is prone to breaking. You definitely don't want that for dorm items that are going to be getting used quite a bit. These TUSK dorm essentials are heavy duty, built-to-last college supplies that are beyond durable. You can't go wrong with our TUSK College Storage line. So we've told you how durable these college supplies are, now let's take a look at a few of the amazing dorm items the TUSK College Storage line has to offer!

Dorm Bedside Caddy - Bedside dorm caddies are a dorm essential that you may not have considered, or maybe you didn't even know they existed. You may not have room for a dorm nightstand, or maybe you have the top bunk and can't have a dorm nightstand. A bed rail caddy acts like a dorm nightstand while taking up literally no dorm floor or dorm room storage space. After all, you're not going to use the frame of your dorm bed for anything! This bedside caddy has a flap that will hold the dorm caddy between your Twin XL dorm mattress and dorm bed frame, with four pockets to hold your smartphone, pens, books, laptop, glasses...anything you need bedside for studying or relaxing at night. There's even a little ledge on the side with a strap for a drink! You don't want to get in and out of bed every time you need something or need to put something away - especially if you wear glasses. Keep all those dorm items bedside - you won't regret it, especially at our cheap DormCo prices!

Shoe Dorm Organizers - Shoes can be pretty hard to store in college dorm rooms, especially if you have a lot of shoes that you are bringing to your dorm room with you. Our TUSK College Storage line offers a few options for storing shoes so you can add one or add them all depending on how much you're bringing. Shoes can also get pretty heavy - you don't have to worry about any of these dorm organizers breaking on you when you add your shoes. After all, our TUSK line is built to last. We offer an under bed storage option for shoes, a closet organizer for shoes, and an over the door dorm room storage option for your shoes. Each option allows you to easily see what shoes you have in the dorm organizer. What you choose depends on what you need - each dorm organizer holds a different amount of shoes and takes up a different dorm room storage area. Already used up all of your under bed storage? You can then use the Over The Door Storage!

Hanging Sweater Shelves - This is one dorm essential you definitely should not go to college without. Once you have one of these, you will love it and be so glad you have one. It's one of those cheap dorm supplies that are totally worth it to have. This closet organizer has six shelves to hold clothes. That's right, six shelves and each shelf has plenty of space so you can stack a few shirts, sweaters, or pairs of pants. This is a fantastic dorm necessity that will give you so much dorm room storage - it takes up minimal space on your dorm closet rod and uses vertical space that goes usually goes unused in a college closet. Your college closet won't have much space and your college may or may not provide a dorm dresser. With this closet organizer as part of your college supplies, it will be like having another dorm dresser in your room. Seriously - these dorm organizers hold a lot.

Dorm Laundry Bags - With how durable our TUSK College Storage line is, you're probably breathing a sigh of relief to find out that we also carry TUSK Dorm Laundry Bags! We have three options - a dorm laundry hamper, a jumbo laundry bag, and a dorm laundry backpack. Not only are each of these options incredibly durable, they also hold a lot of laundry. Seriously - each one is at least 2 feet high and at least 1 foot wide. You're going to be able to hold a few loads of laundry in these dorm necessities! Our dorm laundry backpack has one backpack strap, drawstrings, and a pocket to hold coins, college student ID, dryer sheets...whatever you need to do laundry. The laundry bag has drawstrings, and the dorm laundry hamper has an easy lock and shut lid. When you're in college, there are going to be times that you go weeks before doing laundry. You need a laundry bag that can hold that much laundry, and isn't going to break on you in the process. Look no further than our incredibly durable line of TUSK Dorm laundry bags!

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