College Desk Essentials for a Comfortable and Efficient Studying Environment

Living on a college campus means that you’ll have a variety of places to study and do homework. And while the university library and an outside bench can help you relax and focus, there still might be distractions that will take your mind away from the task at hand. When it is crunch time and you need to cram in a lot of studying in not so much time, you’ll need to rely on the comfort of your college desk in your dorm room. Having your own dorm desk is great because you can better control your study environment, just make sure you have some essential dorm room desk supplies that will make studying at your college desk comfortable and efficient!

1 - Dorm Chairs - First and foremost, you'll want a cozy place to sit in your dorm room when it is time to study. Sitting on your Twin XL bed creates the risk of getting a little too comfy and falling asleep, so extra dorm seating is important! Luckily, DormCo has a variety of cozy and even plush college seating options for ultimate comfort in your college dorm room. Enjoy plush comfort and a stylish furry look with our one of a kind Fur Chairs.

2 - Dorm Desk Lamp - Now that you have your college chair ready for study time, you want to make sure the lighting is right in your dorm room. If your overhead dorm light isn't the greatest, or if your college roommate is going to bed and doesn't want to be disturbed, a college desk lamp or college clip lamp is just what you need! With options like our LED Clip Lamp you can get this necessary dorm lighting while also accenting your stylish college décor. A college lamp is truly a dorm essential that you will want to have on hand when you are studying in your dorm room.

3 - Dorm Desk Shelves - Like a lot of the surfaces in your dorm room, your college desk is a great opportunity to add storage space which in turn will make your study area more organized. Our line of College Desk Bookshelves will let you store your textbooks, dorm desk supplies, notebooks, and even dorm room décor while leaving you space for your computer and notes. A well-organized dorm desk = better focus, so add this essential college furniture piece to your dorm supplies checklist!

4 - Wombat Joey™ - So you have your dorm seating, your college desk lamp, and plenty of space on your dorm desk to efficiently what's next? If you do have a long night of studying ahead of you, you'll need some fuel to keep going. Our Wombat Joey™ is a unique dorm item that will help you keep your favorite snacks on hand so you don't have to interrupt your study session. This unique dorm chair pouch is made with a stretchy material, so you can be prepared for an all-night study session if you need to. This stretchy college chair pouch is also perfect for holding your notebooks or college textbooks so they can be on hand without being in your way.

5 - Keyboard Desk/Monitor Stand - The versatile Keyboard Desk and dorm computer monitor stand will further maximize the space on your college desk. If you are using a laptop, the Keyboard Desk will give you extra dorm desktop space while still leaving your laptop screen visible. This comes in handy when you are studying or doing homework using online articles or videos. If you do have a computer monitor, the Monitor Stand provides extra storage space for your smaller college desk supplies as well as your dorm desk keyboard, giving you more space to work.

6 - Study Dividers - If you share your dorm room with a college roommate, a little privacy can go a long way when it is time to study. With a variety of dorm room dividers, you can find the perfect shaped partition to create your own personal space at your college dorm desk. You can even match the color of your college room divider to your dorm room décor by choosing the privacy fabric for your Don't Look At Me college divider frame or you can go basic with our Cardboard Dorm Dividers. No matter which option you choose, creating your own personal space at your college desk will help you stay more focused.

7 - Dorm Desk Supplies - And last, but certainly not least, you can also add on some colorful college desk supplies that will organize your study space while also impacting your dorm décor. From a soft grip dorm desk supplies holder to dorm trays to hold your college accessories, these useful dorm items help you have everything at your dorm desk you need right on hand. Plus, these colorful dorm supplies will add a pop of color to your college décor, making your dorm room look extra stylish.
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