5 Cheap Dorm Necessities for College Students on a Budget!

Whether you just started shopping for your dorm supplies, or you have most of your important dorm items already purchased, you may be surprised by just how EXPENSIVE all this dorm stuff is. Sure, you probably expected that college would be expensive, between tuition costs, textbooks, and even unexpected costs like application fees and parking passes. However, one big mistake that incoming college freshmen always make is forgetting to budget in the cost of dorm room supplies. College dorm rooms are pretty bare-bones, and you'll need to purchase a lot of supplies for your new home away from home. Thankfully, at DormCo we know the struggle, which is why we offer a student discount for every item on our dorm essentials website! We do have some luxury dorm items if you want to treat yourself, but even if you're on a budget we have some high quality dorm stuff that will help you feel more at home in your new college dorm room.

1: Reversible Dorm Comforters. You would not guess it at first glance, but our line of microfiber dorm comforters are some of the cheapest Twin XL bedding sets you can find. These reversible Twin XL comforters are a trendy dorm item with their two-tone color scheme that is easy to match to any style of girl's or guy's dorm decor. Choose red and black for a modern edgy vibe, yellow and gray for neutral with a pop of color, or pastel pink and white for a girly addition to your dorm bed. And for dorm bedding under $50, you can't find a softer, warmer, cozier dorm blanket! Made with high quality bedding materials, you may be surprised by just how fluffy and soft this affordable college bedding is. Just because it doesn't cost a lot, does not mean that you can't have nice dorm things!

2: Supersoft Twin XL Sheets. You may think that any dorm sheets under $20 won't be any good; we don't want to burst your bubble, but obviously you haven't tried our Supersoft Twin XL Bedding Sheets! Other bedding companies and dorm supply stores may upcharge for Twin XL sheets, since this unique size is required for college students. However, at DormCo we keep prices affordable even for our extra long Twin sheets. with a true Twin XL size fitted sheet, you won't have to worry about these microfiber bedding sheets being too short for your dorm bed. A silky flat sheet and included matching pillow sham complete this must-have dorm bedding set. And in a full rainbow of colors, you can even match these bedding sheets to the above reversible dorm comforter for a perfectly put-together dorm room setup!

3: Dorm String Lights. Don't want to drop a ton of extra cash on dorm lighting? Our Christmas lights for dorm rooms are all under $10 a package, and are a popular dorm decoration that can also be used to light up your dorm room! College dorms may not have the best lighting, and squinting in the dark to read your textbook is not an effective way to study. Some white string lights can help brighten all around your dorm room! Or if you want to create chill, laid-back dorm vibes, go for a set of red, purple, amber, or pink dorm lights for a relaxing atmosphere. Teal, green, and blue dorm lights are also a great option to have some mood lighting for watching a movie in your dorm room. Or mix and match for a fun rainbow effect!

4: Dorm Air Freshener. This is one easy way to make your dorm feel expensive without breaking the bank! Spray some Lavender or Fresh Linen dorm air spray to instantly elevate the atmosphere. You may think that this college item isn't really a dorm room essential, but trust us... dorm rooms can get a little stinky. Cramped quarters and roommates with questionable hygiene practices will make you glad you brought a little can of dorm air scent along to mask and actually eliminate those weird, musty odors that can easily overpower your tiny dorm room. And for less than $10 a can, you may want to pick up two or three of these handy dorm cleaning essentials!

5: Dorm Supply Packages. What do you do if you have a TON of dorm shopping left to do, but not a lot of cash? Dorm packages are an awesome way to save a lot on your dorm shopping! Our dorm supply bundles are priced at about a 30% discount over their retail value to make them extra affordable for college students on a tight budget. If you just need your dorm bedding essentials all purchased for under $150, including your college comforter, sheets, mattress pad, topper, and more, or you need ALL your dorm stuff, we have a college supplies bundle for your budget. In fact, with our 100% Complete - Bedding & Essentials Package, you can get literally EVERYTHING you need for college, for under $350 dollars. Some college students literally spend thousands of dollars on all their dorm stuff, but you can pull up on move-in day with every single dorm necessity, knowing that you made better financial decisions to set yourself up for real success in college!
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