Dorm Essentials For Allergy Sufferers

Allergies can be pretty awful in general and can be even worse when you get to college. You're in a new environment that may have different allergens, plus your dorm room can be dusty. If you have allergies, there are certain dorm items that can help you be more comfortable and get a quality night's sleep every night.

1- Mattress Pad - DormCo has a great selection of Mattress Pads available according to your needs. If you're an athlete with allergies or just want a cooler night's sleep, we also have our Waterproof Twin XL Mattress Encasement - Active Student 100Z Series. This Mattress Encasement is a pretty neat dorm essential that reacts to your body's temperature while sleeping and provides constant temperature regulation. This dorm Mattress Encasement also has an AllerZip feature which is the best in allergy and bed bug protection with double stitched seams and 6 sided bite proof protection.

For allergen concerns, we have our 100% Cotton Top and Cotton Filled Mattress Pad that does its job of providing an extra layer between your dorm bedding and your University provided mattress, but then it does a little more. Cotton is a natural fabric that is great for allergy sufferers and college students with sensitive skin. Cotton has no chemicals and it is hypoallergenic which means you will have a super soft layer on your dorm bed and since it has a pure cotton top and cotton fill, you won't have to worry about there being any allergens in the cover or fill.

2- Extra Sets of Twin XL Sheets - We have many options for Twin XL Sheets and as you know 100% Cotton is a great fabric for allergen concerns. However, something you may not think about when you're buying your dorm necessities for college is extra sets of Twin XL Sheets. When you head off to college, you need more than just one set of dorm sheets to keep on your bed. If there's allergens and dust floating around, they are going to settle on your dorm sheets. It sounds awful, but it really isn't. You just need to take extra precautions such as keeping extra sets of Extra Long Twin Sheets handy and changing them as frequently as you need to without having to do laundry every time.

3- Pillow Protector - This is an important one. You put your head on your pillow every night. If there's a dorm essential that can pick up allergens and make you sneeze or cough, it's going to be the dorm essential you put your head on. Again, this sounds awful but it really isn't. You just need to take extra precautions. A dorm necessity you should not go without is a pillow protector, especially one like our Premium Pillow Protector. Not only is it going to keep your pillow clean and hygienic, it also protects your college pillow (and you!) from dust mites and allergens.

4- Extra Dorm Pillowcases - Again, 100% Cotton is your best bet for allergen and sensitive skin concerns. Plus cotton is super soft anyway so you're going to be really comfy and allergen free with one great pillowcase. However, your pillowcase is where you put your head every night. Hair product and face oils can easily transfer onto your college pillowcase and irritate your skin or add to your allergies. Just like you want to change your Twin XL Sheets frequently, you want to change your college pillowcases. Except you want and need to change them more often because your pillow is where you put your head and therefore it's a prime area for allergens to make you sneeze. You need more than one or two college pillowcases on hand- you need some extras handy, too. You don't want to do laundry whenever you need to change to an allergen free college pillowcase.

5- Humidifier - Last but not least, if you have allergies you need a college humidifier. You need to add moisture to that dry, dusty dorm room air but you don't want to bring a huge humidifier with you to college- you simply won't have room. You may think of those huge bulky humidifiers when you think of humidifiers. However, we have a compact, portable dorm humidifier that turns a bottle of water into a personal humidifier. You can use it up to 6 hours and it works with standard 20 oz. water bottles. You can adjust the intensity of the cool mist according to how dry and dusty it is in your dorm room so that you don't have to suffer through dry noses and throats.

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