How To Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Your dorm room decor is about more than making your dorm room pretty and cool looking. Choosing the right dorm decor is also about preventing homesickness. Avoiding homesickness in college is difficult, but if you do it you can be more successful in college since you will be more focused on your work instead of missing your room at home. To combat homesickness, you have to make your dorm room feel like a home away from home. Of course you will still miss your family and friends, but at least it will be made a little better when you aren't missing your bedroom at home, too!

1. Dorm Bedding- Your dorm bedding is about more than making you feel comfy- pick out a design you really like, too. You spend most of the time in your dorm room in bed. Create a cozy area for you to sleep in. Don't settle on just any Twin XL Comforter–spend time picking one out and paying attention to your comfort level. If you have an uncomfortable dorm bed, it will make it hard to sleep and you won't do well in college if you aren't sleeping. This could all lead to you wanting to pack up and go home, but you can do this! Feeling at home in your new dorm starts with getting your dorm bedding cozy and in a pattern or color that is soothing to you and reminds you of home.

2. Lighting- College dorm rooms are not properly lighted. You may not have a college provided dorm desk lamp, and there can be some pretty dark corners of your dorm room which can make doing homework miserable. Adding proper lighting to your dorm room won't make it feel so cold and dreary and far away from home. Have fun with your dorm lighting–add Christmas lights around your dorm ceiling, college desk, or wherever you choose to create a fun look for your dorm room decor!

3. Dorm Rugs- Dorm floors are usually either are cold, clinical laminate, or gross sticky carpet. Standing on that uncomfortable floor or staring at a big blank space in the middle of your room can be distracting and pull you away from your homework and studying. Make that dorm floor a little more home-y with a college rug! Choosing one of our microfiber dorm rugs or shaggy plush rugs will add a little bit of personality to your college decor and make your dorm feel more like home.

4. College Cooking Items- You may be saying, "DormCo, are you crazy? Cooking items make you feel like you're at home?" Yes, yes they do! That college cafe food may not be the best ever. And if it is good food, you are lucky! Whether it's good or bad, you will still want variety. With a mini fridge, microwave, and dorm cooking accessories, you will have items on hand to make some of your favorite foods. And if you got to go home for the weekend and are coming back with leftovers your mom packed for you, you will be so glad to be able to warm up and store that food! Being able to cook and have your favorite food and snacks at college can help you from feeling so far away from things you love.

5. Dorm Privacy Curtains- Sometimes you just can't overcome the homesickness. If you're feeling particularly down in the dumps about being far from home, it can be a little embarrassing to be seen moping around by your roommate. You can have a little privacy to feel your feelings with our Don't Look At Me® line of dorm room dividers and privacy curtains. Create your own little nook of comfort in your dorm room where you can watch your favorite comfort movies and call your mom in peace with these dorm curtain dividers. And since many of these dorm partitions are on wheels, they can easily be moved out of the way once you're feeling a little better. Adjusting to dorm life is hard, but our dorm supplies are made to help you find your independence in college and leave your homesickness behind!
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