How To Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Your dorm room decor is about more than making your dorm room pretty and cool looking. Dorm room decor is also about combating homesickness. When you combat homesickness, you will succeed in college more since you will be focused on your work and not that you miss your room at home. To combat homesickness, you have to make your dorm room feel like a home away from home. Of course you will still miss your family and friends, but at least it will be made a little better when you aren't missing your room at home, too.

1. Dorm Bedding- Your dorm bedding is about more than making you feel comfy- pick out a design you really like, too. You spend most of the time in your dorm room in bed. Create a cozy area for you to sleep in. Don't settle on just any Twin XL Comforter- spend time picking one out and paying attention to your comfort level. If you have an uncomfortable bed, it will make it hard to sleep and you won't do well in college if you aren't sleeping. This could all lead to you wanting to pack up and go home, but you can do this- it all starts with getting your dorm bedding cozy and in a pattern or color that is comforting to you and possibly reminds you of home.

2. Lighting- College dorm rooms are not properly lighted. You may not have a college provided dorm desk lamp, and there can be some pretty dark corners of your dorm room which can make doing homework miserable. Adding proper lighting to your dorm room won't make it feel so cold and dreary and far away from home. Have fun with your lighting- add Christmas lights around your room, desk, wherever you choose to create a fun look for your dorm room decor!

3. Posters/Tin Signs- Posters and tin signs are great ways to beat homesickness plus make new friends! With posters of your favorite movies, TV shows or bands on your wall, you can have a conversation piece and share your interests. Plus, it will make your dorm room feel cozier when you have a picture of something you love on your wall! Dorm walls are bland, cold cinder block. Staring at that boring wall can be distracting and pull you away from your homework and studying. Make that plain, boring wall fun!

4. Cooking Items- You may be saying, "DormCo- are you crazy? Cooking items make you feel like you're at home?" Yes, yes they do! That college cafe food may not be the best ever. And if it is good food, you are lucky! Whether it's good or bad, you will still want variety. With a mini fridge, microwave, and dorm cooking accessories, you will have items on hand to make some of your favorite foods. And if you got to go home for the weekend and are coming back with leftovers your mom packed for you, you will be so glad to be able to warm up and store that food! Being able to cook and have your favorite food and snacks at college can help you from feeling so far away from things you love.

5. Stickr Frames- Last but not least, the best item to help beat homesickness is pictures of your loved ones! Frames can be bulky and take up space on your desk or night stand. You need all the space you can get! With our Stickr Frames, you can put framed pictures up on that bland, boring dorm wall! These Stickr Frames are removable, which means you don't have to worry about damaging your walls and paying a fine at the end of the school year.
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