How To Get The Most Out Of Your Dorm Room

Your college dorm room is small as it is. Then it becomes smaller when you add in the fact that you are sharing that already small space with a roommate, possibly roommates. When dorm shopping, it is important to think of dorm essentials that are multipurpose and maximize your dorm room storage while still being compact.

1. Snap Cubes- When looking for dorm furniture, you won't want a heavy, bulky night stand. Our Snap Dorm Cubes are lightweight with solid plastic sheet shelves to hold all of your dorm essentials. You can easily have your dorm lamp, alarm clock, and nighttime reading on top of the nightstand with plenty of hidden dorm room storage in the cubes underneath!

2. Storage Seating Bench- Your dorm room has the following seating options: your bed, desk chair, and floor. If you plan on having friends and family visit, you need more seating options than that! A storage seating bench is a great addition to your dorm room- not only does it add to your dorm room decor, it can also sit 3-4 friends on its comfy cushion top. Plus, lift the hinged lid and there is plenty of storage space for your extra college blankets, sports equipment, or even textbooks and dorm cooking accessories.

3. Full-Length Hanging Mirror With Jewelry Cabinet- College dorm rooms and bathrooms lack full-length mirrors, which means you either have to stand on tip toes in front of a tiny mirror or go outside not knowing how you outfit looks all put together. With our hanging jewelry cabinet, you will have a full-length mirror that hangs on the back of your dorm room door or dorm closet door. Open the door of the locking jewelry cabinet, and you will see plenty of dorm room storage space for your valuable jewelry!

4. Dorm Trunk- Trunks for dorms are great for dorm room storage! They can be used for additional seating, they add to your dorm room decor, and some trunks for college fit under your dorm bed! Dorm trunks offer plenty of dorm organization to keep your room clean. You can store your seasonal clothes, extra Twin XL Sheet Sets and cooking utensils in your trunk for college. Or you can even use it to store your books and Blu-Rays/DVDs!

5. Dorm Desk Bookshelf- Your college provided desk may not come with a upper shelf attached. Don't let your books just pile up on your work surface! With a dorm desk bookshelf, you can add valuable shelving space on top of your desk to keep your books organized. With your books organized on a shelf above you, that means you'll have a desk to do your homework on and have room for your laptop. Don't play the game where you move books from one place to another over and over- keep them organized right from the start!

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