Top 7 Essential Dorm Supplies Every College Student Needs

When online shopping for your dorm room essentials, there are certain college supplies that are obvious must-have dorm items for your college dorm setup. A cozy Twin XL comforter, stylish dorm décor, and unique college storage items will be at the top of your dorm supplies checklist. And even though those college items will be a necessity in your dorm room, there are still other dorm things you might forget that you shouldn’t leave home without! Check out our list below for some dorm necessities you’ll need throughout the college semester.

1. Dorm Room Scents - If you don't want the smell of old pizza, Ramen noodles, or your dirty clothes to linger in your dorm room, you may want to pack a dorm air freshener spray in with the rest of your college supplies! No one likes a dirty smelling college dorm room, and one of our great smelling college scents will help you cover up the not so pleasant smells that may hang around in your dorm room. These cheap dorm essentials will make your dorm room smell amazing! From fresh clean scents to fruity scents, guys and girls alike can find a dorm room spray that will have the perfect smell for your college dorm.

2. Privacy Room Dividers - No matter how much you like your college roommate, you are going to want some privacy every now and then in your dorm room. A lot of incoming college students are so excited to start this new chapter in their lives; they don’t realize how necessary privacy is going to be. With our our Dorm Dividers and Don't Look At Me Privacy Frames with Fabric, you can utilize a unique dorm privacy solution without taking up too much space. These space saving dorm room dividers will give you that much needed privacy, but they are also designed for smaller spaces like a dorm room so they can easily be moved and stored out of the way.

3. Underbed Storage - Another aspect of college life in a dorm room that is sometimes forgotten is just how little space you will have for all of your essential dorm supplies. Your extra set of Twin XL bedding, clothes, dorm accessories, and other college supplies have to go somewhere, which is why our useful dorm underbed storage options should be at the top of your college essentials checklist! From our lightweight yet durable TUSK® college underbed items to a versatile dorm Trunk, you’ll be able to find the perfect dorm item to store your extra college supplies and keep them off your dorm room floor. And with our variety of stylish college Bed Skirts, you don’t have to worry about your Twin XL underbed storage making your college dorm look messy!

4. Shower Sandals - And don’t forget, you’ll also have to shower while you are away at college, and that means more essential college supplies need to be added to your dorm checklist! If you are using the university showers, you’ll definitely want to be prepared. Make sure your feet don’t touch the bare dorm shower floor with our variety of college shower sandals. With anti-slip grip and antimicrobial properties, our Narsty® dorm shower sandals are the perfect choice to protect your feet when you are traveling from your dorm room to the dorm showers.

5. Twin XL Mattress Covers & Encasements - Speaking of protection from overly used dorm surfaces, don’t forget to add Twin XL Mattress Covers & Encasements to your college shopping list! You certainly aren’t going to want to have direct contact with your previously used dorm mattress, and, unless you want to wash your Twin XL bedding everyday (and who would?), you won’t want your dorm sheets or college comforter having direct contact with it either. A dorm mattress cover or encasement will create a protective layer around your Twin XL mattress and, depending on which essential dorm bedding item you choose, will also help protect your college mattress from nasty things like bed bugs and spills. This much needed dorm bedding protection also comes in Full/Full XL!

6. Bathroom Caddy - Have everything you need on hand to get ready for your day with a dorm bathroom caddy! Our college shower caddy options let you choose the perfect dorm supply to transport your college toiletries to and from the dormitory showers. With a useful college caddy like our handy Deluxe Mesh Shower Tote as part of your essential dorm items, you will be able to stay organized and get ready quickly.

7. College Safe - When living in a dorm, we want you to be prepared for anything, including the unfortunate bad stuff. College life can bring about opportunistic dorm thieves, but if you are prepared with the right essential college supplies, you don’t need to worry! With a dorm safe or locking college trunk, you’ll easily stop those thieves in their tracks. Useful college safes like our SWOL Safe can help hide your laptop, tablet, cellphone, and money and deter dorm thieves from making off with the most valuable dorm items. Between classes, homework assignments, and social obligations, you’ll have enough on your mind, adding a college safe to your dorm room will help give you peace of mind when you are away from your dorm room.

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