Dorm Essentials Every College Student Needs

When dorm shopping, it can be hard to figure out what is a dorm necessity that you need right away. And then there are dorm items that you may not have thought about that every college student needs. You know that you need a dorm laundry hamper and Twin XL Comforter, but did you know you also need a flashlight or lantern? Below is a list of dorm items that should be on every college dorm checklist.

1. Water Pitcher- Your college dorm water may not be the best tasting and you don't want to drink plain tap water. You want pure, drinkable water. However, you're a college student- buying bottled water multiple times a day is going to get expensive. With a Filtration pitcher, you can have clean, purified water always handy in your fridge. Plus, if you play sports you need hydration- fill up your portable water bottle with water from your filtration pitcher. Reaching for pop every time you're thirsty can dehydrate you and it isn't the best thing for your health. With our Infusion Filtration Pitcher, you can add fruit or other water flavorings to have something a little different than just plain water all the time.

2. First Aid Kit- We hope you don't have to use this, but it is always better to have it and not use it than need it and not have it. You should have different size bandages on hand as well as antibiotic ointment. You should also have something to cleanse wounds with, such as hydrogen peroxide or alcohol wipes. Along with a first aid kit, you should have basic medicines on hand for things such as headaches and upset stomachs. If you're an allergy sufferer, always have allergy medicine on hand as well as any other allergy dorm items you need. You know how your allergies are while you're at home, but your college may be in a completely different area and you don't know how your allergies will behave in this new environment.

3. Microwavable Storage Containers- Just like your dorm water may not be the greatest, your college cafe food may not be the greatest. Even if it is, you may want variety. Microwavable Food Storage containers are a dorm necessity. Don't throw out your leftovers every time you get delivery or take out- store them in a microwavable food storage container. Plus, if you have your leftovers neatly stored away, you can quickly grab one on your way to class for lunch and avoid getting more fast food. Food storage containers are especially a dorm necessity if you're cooking your own food occasionally- you especially don't want to throw out that healthy food you spent a lot of time making!

4. Shower Sandals- You may have heard about shower sandals and just put it off, saying that you don't really need them, you'll be just fine. The truth is, you really need them. Think about it- there may be 50 other people living on your dorm floor. You may have one bathroom or even two bathrooms. That's for every one to share. Whether you have one bathroom or two bathrooms on your dorm floor, that still means a lot of people have used those showers. A cleaning crew may come in every day, they may not. You will definitely want some shower sandals for that dorm bathroom whether someone cleans it every day and no matter how many people live on your floor. You don't want just any old flip flops from home that you were going to throw out- you need traction on your shower shoes because the soap and water will make the floor surface slippery and you don't want to fall.

5. Lanterns/Flashlights- Just like you should be prepared with a first aid kit, you should also be prepared with extra batteries, lanterns and flashlights. This is in case of a power outage. You don't want to be stuck in your dark dorm room, unable to study, read a book, or watch TV. Plus, your tablet and phone have only so much battery to keep you occupied. With a lantern and flashlight on hand, you won't lose out on studying for an important exam. Plus you'll be able to move around your room easily because you can see where you're going. Lanterns, flashlights, and batteries are all small items that can be easily stored in your dorm trunk or dorm night stand.

6. Bathroom Caddy- In your bathroom dorm essentials, you also need a bathroom caddy. You may think you can just carry each bottle in your hands, but think about it- you will at least have shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razor, and washcloth, loofah or sponge. Those are the bare necessities, chances are you have a lot more and that's on top of your towel and clothes. Don't juggle all your items and end up dropping your clean clothes on the dirty dorm floor- make your life easier with a bathroom caddy. Plus, you can store your shower sandals inside of your dorm bathroom caddy when you're not using them.

7. College Safe- Don't go to college without a safe. Please, oh please, do not go to college without a safe. DormCo has a great variety of safes and other dorm security items to keep your dorm essentials safe and in your room. We have an Iron Brick Portable Laptop Safe that has a cable to secure the safe to immovable objects such as your bed or desk so that your laptop doesn't go anywhere. Your laptop is an expensive item that you absolutely need for college- don't just leave it loose on your desk. Even if you trust your roommate, there may be other people going in and out of your room. We also have our Tabletsafe - Multi-Storage Safe. This cool dorm safe has a pocket for your tablet as well as two trays to hold your iPod, passport, medication, and wallet. Plus there are brackets to attach the safe to boards and furniture poles.

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