Organize Your Jewelry With DormCo's New Selection of Full-Length Mirror Jewelry Stands

Ladies, if you have jewelry you know how difficult it can be. Necklaces become tangled and form a giant knot or even just one necklace gets knotted up. Necklaces easily become knotted, even in a jewelry box they can become knotted. And if you don't have your earrings organized, you can spend quite a few minutes trying to match up pairs that you want to wear or your favorite ring is mixed in a huge pile of earrings. You don't have time to search through piles of jewelry to match up what you want to wear when you're in college. You may get stuck in a morning class and not be a morning person- don't make yourself choose between breakfast and matching your jewelry!

DormCo's Full-Length Mirror Jewelry Stands will keep your necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, hair bands and any accessory you can think of neat and organized. Instead of searching through a huge pile of earrings, bracelets and rings mixed together, you simply open the full-length door to reveal your organized jewelry! You will save so much time in the morning and before going out at night!

Plus, your college dorm room in most cases will not have full-length mirrors. And unfortunately, the bathroom may not either. In fact, you may not find a full-length mirror anywhere on campus except possibly in the college gym. Which means you will be standing on your tip toes and jumping up and down far away from the tiny dorm bathroom mirror to even try to get a little glimpse of your outfit. Then you could possibly lose your balance and fall. Our Jewelry stands have a full-length mirror on the door so you can see your outfit from head to toe and check out if your jewelry matches your outfit while preventing you from falling in the bathroom while trying to see your outfit.

Our Jewelry Stands have pegs to keep your necklaces untangled, boxed sections for your bracelets, teeth to stick your longer dangling earrings in, and pockets for your rings and post earrings. We even have a Full-Length Mirror Jewelry Stand with ribbon on the inside of the door to stick pictures of your loved ones or favorite bands in or even stick your decorative hair pins through. And if you prefer a more natural wood color to match your existing dorm furniture, we also have a brown jewelry stand! Dorm room storage and space can be scarce- the back of your door is an area that you may not think of for dorm room storage. We also have a Full-Length Hanging Mirror with Jewelry Cabinet to save space in your dorm room and make it super convenient to check out your outfit as you head out the door to class.

Here at DormCo, we know important security and safety is in college dorms. Our Full-Length Mirror Jewelry Stands also have a lock so that your valuable jewelry doesn't run away into someone else's room while you're at class or on a night out. You don't want to have a fun night out ruined when you come back and see that your favorite expensive charm bracelet is no longer there.

There are so many dorm organization features in these jewelry stands that you can use your imagination with what to store and where in the jewelry stand. Plus, since these are full-length jewelry stands, you will have plenty of space for all of your jewelry!
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