Organize Your Dorm Beauty Accessories with Egnazia - Metal Mirror College Trays

Living in a college dorm room means that you have to have all of your beauty accessories with you for everyday use or even a night out. But in a small dorm room, you'll be using up every inch of space you can find, which means your smaller dorm supplies might get pushed out of the way or lost. Have everything you need right when you need it with our beautiful Egnazia - Metal Mirror Trays! With gorgeous style and a useful function, these durable dorm trays are a must have college accessory!

Egnazia™ - Metal Mirror Trays will keep your dorm toiletries, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, hair bands, and any college beauty accessory you can think of neat and organized. This allows you to keep your dorm beauty accessories on hand without the risk of them being easily knocked off of your dorm dresser. With all of your beautiful jewelry, makeup, and other small dorm accessories kept in these designer metal trays with a mirror bottom, you can also quickly get ready in the morning. And with the ability to get ready quickly, you can enjoy even more time spent snuggled up on your Twin XL bedding!

These silver, gold, or rose gold metal dorm trays will also be a great addition to your glam college décor! The sleek and beautiful look of these rose gold, silver, and gold luxury trays with a handy mirrored bottom will add a hint of beauty and elegance to your dorm décor. And since these metal mirrored trays have an open top construction, they can also display your other college dorm décor items as well for the ultimate look! Add small dorm trinkets, your college décor pieces, or even a vase full of flowers to one of these square, rectangle, or round college trays to really heighten the appearance of your dorm room.

At DormCo, we know how important it is for you to choose the best dorm items, and when it comes to small dorm spaces, versatile college supplies are key! Luckily, these pretty dorm trays will add style and function to your college dorm. Sleek designs combined with gorgeous colors will create the perfect accent among your dorm décor. And with the ability to hold and display your other college décor pieces, these dorm metal mirror trays are truly an essential dorm décor item! Not only do these beautiful college trays look great, they will also help you keep your dorm room organized and your dorm beauty accessories in one place, helping you to easily get ready every morning. Get more for your money with our versatile Egnazia - Metal Mirror Trays!

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