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Hopefully you don't have to worry about any emergencies such as power outages happening while you're at college, but there's always the chance that it may happen and you want to be prepared with college supplies in case it does. There's nothing worse than having something like that happen and not being prepared for it! With prior planning and preparation, you will have items on hand and not be stressed because you weren't prepared. Colleges may have some emergency lighting and electricity that will kick in in case of a power outage, especially if you have electronic key cards. However, that electricity may or may not extend itself beyond your dorm room door. Since you don't know what your college has in terms of electricity when power outages happen, it is best to be prepared anyway.

The best item to have on hand is lighting. You may be wondering how you can have lighting during a power outage. With flashlights and lanterns you can! Since you're going to be using flashlights and lanterns during that power outage, it is best to set aside some batteries in a hidden place that you won't get tempted to use in your wireless game controller.

Our Forever LED Flashlight is a great item to have on hand for power outages- you don't need batteries for this flashlight! It is rechargeable by cranking the lever for just one minute! One minute of cranking the lever will give you 20 minutes of continuous light. We do recommend you don't hide your flashlight too well in your college dorm room, though- after all, you do want to be able to find it easily when the power goes out!

Another great lighting option to have on hand is our Cordless Anywhere Light. This light is perfect for college dorm power outages! You can put the light anywhere you want- ceiling, wall, desk, and more. This light doesn't need to be plugged in, it runs on batteries. Plus, you can control it from a distance using a remote. So when the power goes out suddenly you don't have to stumble and fall trying to find all of your lights- as long as the remote is in an easily accessible location, you will have light without having to hurt yourself trying to find it. And the remote can control up to 4 lights within 20 feet. If there's a power outage, your roommate will be glad you were prepared and your floormates might be just a little jealous.

If there's a power outage, you won't have heat in your room anymore and your dorm room may get really cold, especially if you live in an area that has a cold winter. You want to make sure you are prepared with extra college blankets. You don't want to come to college with just your Twin XL Comforter and dorm sheets! Be prepared with extra college blankets and throws. Our Coma Inducer Twin XL Bedding Blanket is perfect for those cold days when there is a power outage. It has ultra soft and plush fabric that is perfect to curl up with keep you warm and comfy. In fact, this dorm bedding blanket is so comfy you will want it to cuddle with even when there isn't a power outage!

Finally, in case you do stumble and fall while getting your flashlight, it is a good idea to have a Kiss my Boo Boo First Aid Kit in your college supplies. You will have plenty of bandages, hand sanitizer, pain relief tablets, Wet Wipes and more in this handy pack. Plus, it's one of those dorm items that are good to have on hand in college even if there's not a power outage!

With these dorm essentials, extra bottled water and un-refrigerated snacks, you will be well prepared for a power outage in college!

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