Our 4 Important Dorm Safety Tips - Be Prepared For Anything with DormCo!

Living on your own in your dorm room, even if you do have a college roommate, means that you have to be independent. And even though we hope nothing goes wrong during your time away at college, we know that it is best to be prepared for anything! The best way to prepare yourself for dorm life is stocking up on essential college supplies that you may need. As the saying goes, it is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. This list will give you some great ideas for the best dorm items that you'll want to have on hand incase any bad circumstance should arise. Take on your next college semester without fear with these useful dorm supplies!

A very important dorm essential to have on hand would be a College
Flashlight. Having a dorm flashlight at your side is a good idea in the off chance that you dorm has a power outage, especially if you have some late night studying to do! You can't be prepared in college without one of these handy dorm flashlights! Our LED Flashlights - 3 Pack even provides you with enough flashlights to keep one in your dorm room, one in your backpack in case of emergencies anywhere on campus, plus an extra to share with your roommate.

Of course, in the event of a dorm power outage, you will also want to protect your college electronics inside your dorm room. Power outages can cause electrical surges, which will instantly fry the wires on any dorm gadgets plugged in directly to the wall. Thankfully, you can protect your dorm TV and college laptop by keeping them plugged in to a Surge Protector! These useful dorm items will give you more outlets to plug in all of your dorm appliances, plus protect your tech from being destroyed during the next thunder storm or unexpected outage.

And there are other
college emergencies that might just require a little comfort. If your dorm happens to lose power or heat, you don't want to get caught without one of our ultra cozy Twin XL Bedding Blankets. These super soft and plush dorm blankets will wrap you up in cozy comfort if there is an emergency that makes your dorm room a little too chilly. A college blanket is also nice to have on hand for everyday use if you are going to college in a cold area. It's hard to focus on studying or get some rest when you are shivering. Luckily, these comfortable XL Twin blankets will make sure you are covered with plush softness that is sure to keep you warm when you need it most. Pick our Coma Inducer Twin XL Blankets for the ultimate in college dorm comfort. Added to your college comforter and Twin XL sheets, one of these dorm blankets can be the perfect finishing touch to your stylish and cozy extra long Twin bedding! Choose the perfect color to go with your Twin XL bedding and cute dorm room décor.

Finally, no dorm room is complete without a college First Aid Kit! A cold pack, bandages, and other dorm emergency products are smart to have on hand so you can be prepared for any minor injuries. You can even get a complete dorm First Aid Kit to be the safest student on campus. When you are in the comfort of your dorm room, you aren't going to want to trudge to the college nurse's office, right? One of DormCo's first aid college supplies will make sure you don't have to leave your dorm room when you get a paper cut, bump your knee on your Twin XL sized bed, or somehow get a splinter from your dorm furniture.

With these college essentials with you in your dorm room, you will be ready for anything that dorm life (and beyond) has to throw at you!

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