DormCo Is The Undisputed Destination For High School Graduation Gifts

High school graduation means two things: plenty of parties and plenty of gifts!—Heck, it’s better than holiday season! So when you’re looking for graduation gifts, you’ll find anything and everything for college at DormCo. Whether you’re just looking for a small congrats gift or you want to help a new grad with a big purchase for his or her new dorm room, you’re in the right spot. If you’re dry on ideas, we can help you get started with DormCo’s list of top high school graduation gift ideas!

The nice thing about shopping for high school grad gifts is that you don’t have to limit yourself. As long as you’re looking for a dorm item that’s useful for college, it’ll make a great high school graduation gift. At DormCo all of our college products are useful for dorm life! If they weren’t, we wouldn’t be able to call ourselves experts on college dorms

Some of the most common college supplies make the best high school graduation gift ideas. For example, a simple dorm laundry bag is always a popular high school graduation gift. You know that new college student will be doing laundry, so why not get him or her something you know they will use? Some dorm essentials, like dorm bedding, are also essential college supplies. Still, since you might not know the exact style preferences of that new grad, it might be best to choose something else. And whether you're shopping for a male or female new grad, DormCo has plenty of dorm stuff that will appeal to both. For example, a dorm trunk is a great way to carry college supplies when moving. And it's not like trunks for college are purses! They're stylish and ideal for both guys and girls. You can also never go wrong with some college cooking supplies. Try a mini fridge organizer or even a simple set of flatware. Both guys and girls are just as likely to have dorm snacks in their dorm rooms that will require some light cooking or at least a few basic dishes in order to eat them. For other gender-neutral gifts, check out DormCo's cool dorm decor for a range of dorm desk lamps, computer accessories and more.

It can be tough to say what you should get a new grad, but just keep browsing through DormCo’s site and you’re sure to come up with plenty of ideas. If the choice is just too difficult, give a
DormCo gift card! Gift cards can be sent via standard mail or can be emailed. Just choose the amount, write a personal message and you’re all set. Gift cards are a can’t-fail gift for high school grads and incoming college freshmen who need to load up on all our must-have dorm stuff!

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