Space-Saving Dorm Seating Is What’s Needed For Any Dorm

Here's a little college riddle for you: If you try searching in the corners, in that college closet, or even on the floor you’ll never find it! What is it?

We’re talking about space. Dorm rooms lack space; they’re all small and cramped. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a larger dorm room, it’ll be considered larger by dorm standards only! So when you need to fit larger dorm items like college furniture into that dorm room, think smart. Think small! All dorm rooms also lack seating, so when you’re looking for dorm seats, you can still find size-efficient and comfy dorm chairs. In fact, you’re in just the right spot to find new, innovative styles of dorm room chairs, loungers, and other seating solutions that still work in your compact dorm room.

While DormCo has always offered a variety of dorm room chairs and college futons, some of our dorm chairs really stand out as comfy and space efficient. For example, our Storage Seating Bench seats 3-4 people and is perfectly sized for the foot of your bed. The top of the Storage Bench has comfy cushion top seating, with storage cubbies underneath, and the hinged lid opens to give you even more dorm room storage! It's comfy seating and storage all in one!

DormCo’s Oversized Floor Cushions take up less space because they sit right on the floor. With an ultra, ultra low profile–right on the floor!–you will hardly notice the space that these comfy floor pillows take up. And if you need to move them out of the way for more floor space, they can be easily tossed underneath or on top of your dorm bed, or just leaned up against the wall. Create a cool, laid-back dorm vibe with these trendy dorm decor seating cushions for the floor!

Our Oversized Dorm Folding Chairs is great college dorm furniture! With oversized chair dimensions, you can get super comfy and even take a nap between classes. And to accommodate this extra large folding chair in your dorm room, it can easily be folded up compact and save you space when it's not in use. The padded material makes this dorm chair a huge improvement over the hard, sad desk chair provided by your college; it won’t be lacking comfort, and it might even be comfier than your dorm bed.

Sometimes that special seating will make an appearance only when friends are present for movie night, or some other social event. In those instances, it’s always helpful to have a lot of extra seating in your dorm. Like magic, you can pull out DormCo’s Papasan Dorm Sofa unfold it, and soon you'll have extra seating for 2-3 of your college friends. This folding mini couch is thick and padded, and it folds up flat, so it can be stored under your dorm bed or against the wall. With this folding feature, no dorm room is too small for this dorm couch!

And don’t forgot to make that dorm bed of yours into a comfy college seat as well. Sounds crazy? It’s no t. Since you’ll spend so much time seated atop that bed, add a Pillow Style Headboard. You’ll have back support, and a much comfier seat than if you had to lean against the wall while seated in your dorm bed. It’s truly innovative supplies for college like our Twin XL pillow headboards that make dorm living the best it can be!

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