Keeping Dorm Stuff Safe On The Go And In Your Dorm

Perhaps you’re a little paranoid if you treat your dorm room like some sort of lockdown safe house. Then again ... perhaps not. Dorm-room theft is all too common at any school. Your dorm room supplies are your prized possessions, so you should take care of them! Still, there’s no need to bring some big, bulky bank-style safe to your dorm. Dorm safes are practical and smart additions to your supplies checklist for college. But you can still be practical and even stylish without looking like you’re hiding gold bars in your dorm room. And when you’re on the go, you’ve probably heard horror stories about stolen laptops and other college valuables. Whether in the dorm or on the go, keep your stuff for college protected from thieves.

Even your most insidious and tactful dorm thieves will have an impossible time trying to steal anything within our SWOL Safe. This dorm safe is your traditional dorm safe with a digital code entry and an emergency key, just in case you forget the passcode. Plus, a metal anchor cable can be used to attach this sturdy safe to your dorm bed, dorm desk, or other furniture in your dorm room for extra security. Inside the Safe there is room for your tablet, wallet, passport, and any other valuables you may have that you don't want leaving your room.

What if you just have a few small items that you want to keep secure in your dorm room? If you don't need a full-fledged bank heist style safe briefcase, but still want something secure for extra cash, jewelry, or important documents, our Go Vault is just what you need! This mini safe includes a simple combination lock and a metal anchor cable that can be hung up in your dorm closet or attached to your dorm furniture so it will stay put. This trustworthy safe us available for less than $20 and can give college freshmen a peace of mind knowing that their cash and documents are not going to be swiped or misplaced in their dorm room!

And when you’re heading out for extended periods of time, you can relax knowing you kept your dorm room thief-proof. While many dorm thieves can steal valuable college items right under students’ noses, a skilled thief can break into your dorm room. With a Dorm Security Alarm, this little device detects if a door or window is opened. This dorm alarm is especially useful if you live on the ground floor and a thief could sneak in through a window. Since this handy dorm room alarm isn’t motion activated, you can walk about freely and not trigger it. Just be sure to switch it off before you open the door, and let your roommate know when it’s activated!

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