So Who’s Bringing What? Ask Your Roommate

Whether you’re living with a friend or a stranger, you’ll want to speak with your new roommate about dorm supplies before college move-in day. So maybe you’re curious about which posters or college bedding your roommate has chosen for dorm decor purposes … but there are, believe it or not, some more pressing matters to discuss!

A residence office can also tell you what, if any, appliances come with your dorm room. Many freshman dorms don’t come with mini-fridges or microwaves, but some do, so it’s certainly worth asking about. It’s more common that upperclassmen dorms have such appliances included, but perhaps your school is extra generous! For the large, must-have dorm appliances like mini-fridges and microwaves, it’s often best to divide the load between you and your roommate. If your roommate’s bringing the fridge, you can offer to bring a microwave and any other dorm cooking supplies for college! You may just want to check in with your future roommate before buying a bunch of mini fridge accessories for their dorm refrigerator, which they may not even be open to sharing with you. That is why it's important to discuss and negotiate these dorm ettiquete rules in advance!

There are a range of other dorm accessories that can be shared too. For example, you might bring a fan for the room on those hot days. Keep your new roommate posted, so that way he doesn’t end up stealing a fan from his basement only to discover you have a shiny new one ready and waiting. But whether it’s a dorm desk lamp for college or an entire mini fridge, start things off on the right foot and offer to share! There’s no use in telling your roommate you’ll be bringing something and then not wanting him to use it. C’mon, that’s a lesson you should have learned in kindergarten.

It’s also not a bad idea to discuss the layout of your dorm room. Do you guys plan to bunk your beds , or keep them separate? Bunking, of course, means you’ll have more floor space, yet it also means you’ll have to be extra prepared with your dorm supplies. For example, if you’ll be on the top bed, you’ll need a bedside shelf if you want any sort of nightstand. You also might have to plan for limited underbed storage if your roommate plans to use that space. Or, maybe you guys can share that space that’s why discussing all of this is critical!

Whether you guys connect on Facebook or actually talk on the phone, it’s essential to discuss these dorm-room arrangements before move-in day. It’ll make dorm living only easier, and it’s a great way to get to know your roommate a bit before you move in!

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