Which Dorm Bedding Sheets To Choose? Don't Overlook This Layer!

Big, soft, and cozy comforters for college are the first things that come to mind when most people think of dorm bedding. But dorm sheets are just as critical a part of your college bedding, and their importance can’t be overstated. Why? Sheets are the first layer of your dorm bedding! You’ll be wrapping yourself up in your Twin XL Sheets night after night, so it’s quite important to pick out a good set of sheets. Not all sheets are the same, however. While they should be XL Twin sheets to make sure they’ll fit your dorm bed, here’s a quick rundown on the different materials and types of sheets that DormCo offers.

DormCo’s microfiber sheets, such as our UltraSoft Dorm Bedding Sheets and Supersoft Twin XL Bedding Sheets are made of high-quailty microfiber. Since microfiber is a polyester, some can be quick to dismiss these sheets as inferior to cotton or other natural materials. Well, they’re not! In fact, microfiber even feels softer than cotton, and can be comparable to super-soft, high-thread-count cotton. Since microfiber costs less than cotton but is just as soft (and actually softer in some cases), it’s truly the material of choice for many. These are the best dorm sheets for college students on a budget!

If you’re a fan of cotton, we’ve got cotton sheets too! With 200-thread count or 300-thread count cotton sheets for college, you know you're getting a set of high quality dorm bedding sheets. Our cotton Twin XL sheets are all sourced directly from Portugal, making these a luxury dorm bedding set that will make your dorm room feel upscale and sophisticated. Cotton sheets have the advantage of being a natural material, and who doesn’t like keeping it natural? Cotton is also a durable material that’s machine washable. A durable fabric is important so it can make it through your college years, and since your dorm bed often serves as a seat, you’ll want a more durable fabric. Cotton sheets for college are also more breathable than other materials, so you’ll stay warm in the winter and cooler in the warmer months.

Bamboo Twin XL sheets are also a natural fiber sheets, but they have a different feel to them. They’re silkier and softer cotton, but these dorm sheets are exceptionally lightweight and breathable, and that’s their defining feature. Perfect for hot sleepers or those going to university in a warmer climate, these extra long Twin sheets naturally wick away moisture. All, of course, are sized Twin XL so they’ll be the right size for your college bedding!

For ultimate comfort and relaxation, try out our Coma Inducer® Dorm Sheets! These are some seriously soft and warm sheets. In fact, they’re almost more like college blankets because they’re thicker and are very warm. Thanks to the ultra plush Coma Inducer® exclusive dorm bedding material, these are college sheets that are ready to redefine what you think of as soft. If you’re looking for maximum coziness during the colder months, then look no further.

If you want all the outrageous softness, but "maximum warmth" sounds like it might get a little sweaty, our Bare Bottom® Yoga Butter College Sheets are the way to go. Combining softer-than-cotton microfiber with stretchy soft spandex, these high end bedding sheets feel just like your favorite pair of designer yoga pants. This is an addictively cuddly set of dorm Twin XL sheets that is great for all seasons and will engulf your dorm bed in irresistible softness. Imagine what it would feel like to dip your entire Twin XL dorm mattress in a pool of silky, melty butter... that's what these must-have dorm bedding sheets feel like on your college bed!

No matter if you go for budget microfiber sheets, European cotton sheets, all natural bamboo bedding sheets, warm and thick sheets, or spandex-infused "yoga butter" sheets, all of DormCo's high quality bedding is designed to help make your dorm bed a little more comfortable.
Add any of these ultra soft dorm sheets to your college bedding and you’ll wonder how you ever slept without them before!
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