4 Easy Ways to Stay Cool in a Stuffy Dorm Room.

Moving in to your college dorm room is an exciting time. You've probably spent the better half of your high school senior year daydreaming about how awesome dorm life is going to be. Making friends with your roommate, decorating your own space, and gaining some independence for the first time are all things to look forward to when it comes to the life of a soon-to-be college freshman. However, there are a few downsides to living on campus that often get glossed-over on most dorm prep websites. But at DormCo, we really want to paint a realistic picture of what it's like to live in a college dorm room. And if one thing is for sure, it's that temperature fluctuations can be unexpectedly unpleasant. Most colleges don't really trust their freshmen to have control over their own thermostat in their dorm room, so you are at the mercy of whatever administrative person is in charge of setting the temperature in your dorm hall. Plus, many freshman dormitories may not have inadequate insulation. This means when you arrive on move-in day in August, you may be walking into a place that feels more like a sauna than the luxury dorm rooms you were shown on your campus tour.

Thankfully, our Dorm Experts have a handful of tips to beat the heat in your dorm room! With these smart dorm products, you can feel a little more comfortable in your new home away from home. You don't need an AC to cool off when you have these useful dorm items to help you cool down when it's just a little too warm in your dorm room.

1: Dorm Fan.
Obviously, a
dorm room fan is the best way to help lower the temperature in your dorm room! That is why we recommend that every college student get at least a small desk fan to bring along with their other college supplies. You don't need a huge pedestal fan in your dorm room to cool down; a gentle breeze can do wonders when it comes to creating a comfortable atmosphere in your dorm. Although, if you're particularly sensitive to heat, you may want to upgrade to a box fan or larger dorm room fan to really keep the temperature down. DormCo has lots of great dorm fan options for every type of college student. Whether you go for a mini desktop fan or an ultra high powered turbo fan, you're sure to find the right one for your needs!

2: Cooling Dorm Bedding. Sure, the idea of warm, thick, cozy bedding sounds great for the winter months. However, you'll be starting college when it is still pretty warm outside. Unless you want to sweat through your dorm sheets, we recommend choosing some lightweight college bedding essentials that will actually make your dorm bed more comfortable. For hot dorm rooms, natural fiber materials is the best bedding option to stay cool. Our
Cotton Twin XL Duvet Covers & Comforters and Cotton Dorm Sheets are naturally breathable Twin XL bedding essentials that are ideal for hot sleepers any time of the year. And if you're serious about having the best dorm bedding for hot and stuffy dorm rooms, our Snorze® Cooling Bamboo Sheets can't be beat. In fact, if you're really feeling hot in your dorm room, getting under these covers may actually help you cool down! Combine these with a cooling gel Twin XL mattress topper for your dorm bed, and you won't have to worry about night sweats any time soon.
3: Cold Drinks. Staying hydrated is incredibly important for your overall health and wellness, and doubly so if you're constantly losing moisture by sweating. But drinking stale room temperature water does not sound very appealing, does it? A lot of college students spend their precious dining dollars on sodas and plastic bottled water, but you can enjoy an ice-cold beverage from the comfort of your dorm room by using an
ice tray! If your dorm mini fridge has a freezer, having some extra ice cubes on hand is easy. You can even just pop an ice cube in your mouth every once in a while for an instant cool-down! Our dorm ice maker trays are designed to fit mini fridge freezers, and also come in fun designs ranging from woodland creatures to swords. That's right, you and your roommate can have a sword fight, but with ICE. How's that for staying cool?

4: Towels.
So despite your dorm fan, dorm bamboo bedding sheets, and ice-cold water, you're still soaked with sweat just sitting in your dorm room. Sweat does help you naturally cool off, but it can be kinda gross in excess. Grab one of our
dorm towels to wipe down and cool off! Plus, you won't want to use your clean, fresh-out-the-shower towels to wipe that sweat off your brow. We recommend getting a separate towel just for this task. And to cut down on that sweaty dorm smell, our Antimicrobial Dorm Towels are a great option. You can also grab a can of Dorm Room Air Freshener to knock that B.O. out of the air instantly.

You may not be able to control your dorm air conditioning, but with these great dorm items you can take matters into your own hands. In fact, with these must-have dorm room essentials, you may have the coolest dorm on campus–literally!

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