When It Comes To Dorm Shopping, Don’t Rush It

Whether you’re an avid shopper, or the type of person who only goes shopping after holes start appearing in your clothes, dorm room shopping is a little different. If you’re a shopaholic, shopping for college can be just as exciting as shopping for clothes, shoes, or whatever your preferred purchase may be. When you’re shopping for fun, you’re more inclined to take your time trying to find exactly what you’re looking for and to find some deals. But when you’re shopping for stuff that you actually need, sometimes you’ll settle for something just to be done with it already.

It’s true you’ll need a variety of dorm stuff for college, but don’t just settle for the first dorm things you see! It’s worth taking the extra time to shop for cool dorm supplies you actually want; after all, you’ll be dorming for at least a year and very possibly beyond that too. Also, a lot of your dorm items will be useful stuff for college apartments after you move off campus.

Keeping all of this in mind, you know which dorm supplies are actually important essentials for college: you’ll need dorm
bedding, shower supplies, and more. Beyond the basics, though, you’ll have to do a bit of critical thinking. You know your dorm room will be small and cramped, so how will that affect how you live? If you have a lot of dorm stuff, you’ll probably want some underbed storage organizers to help keep things straightened out. Do you have a lot of shoes? Try hanging a shoe organizer to save space.

Did you try your school’s cafeteria food? Was it good? If not, you might have to plan on cooking more in your dorm room. If that’s the case, you’ll need some college cooking supplies to start you off. Planning for this involves more than just having a microwave, although microwaves are key to many dorm room recipes. With the right dorm kitchen setup, your ability to cook from your dorm room isn’t nearly as limited as you might have thought.

Try and foresee what problems or issues you might have with your dorm room. Ideally, there will be none! But little inconveniences can sneak in. For example, if you plan to study a lot in your dorm room and then discover your dorm desk doesn’t have a light, you’ll need the right stuff for college to make sure you’re covered. A simple light for your desk will do the trick.

Or, if you cyber-stalked out your roommate-to-be on social media and you aren't quite sure if you can trust them yet , make sure you have some dorm privacy and security supplies that will keep the rest of your dorm stuff safe. A small safe for dorm rooms can be very practical and provide much-needed peace of mind.

Being prepared for college starts with having the right supplies for college. Only you really know what dorm items you’ll need, so it’s worth doing some planning. We can’t promise moving in and unpacking all that dorm stuff will be fun, but we’re doing our best to make dorm shopping as fun as it can be! Still, we can give you suggestions, but it’s up to you to plan. Buy your basic necessities for college, but think beyond that and strive to make dorm living as convenient as you can. Fewer issues means more time for … schoolwork! And we know you want as much study time as possible, right?
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