Why Do I Need a Dorm Trunk?

We know that shopping for all of your dorm supplies can quickly get overwhelming. Putting aside all of your clothes, college textbooks, and fashion accessories, there are so many other dorm items you'll need to bring with you for dorm move-in day. Comfortable Twin XL bedding is an absolute must, stylish college décor is a great idea, dorm organization supplies and dorm furniture with storage will make living in a college dorm so much easier, and that isn't even all of it! With so many decisions, it can easy to shrug off a college you really need one? Believe us, you do! The right dorm trunk is a versatile dorm item that should be at the top of your college supplies checklist. When it comes to small dorm room spaces and cozy (cramped) college apartments, versatile dorm supplies aren't a luxury, they are a necessity. If you still aren't so sure about a college dorm trunk, let us show you all of the good they can do for your dorm room.

Unique Style

When it comes to such a small space, any dorm item can make or break the look of your dorm room or college apartment. While you are carefully planning how you want your dorm space to look, think about how much style a college trunk can add to your dorm room décor! At DormCo, we have a variety of dorm trunk styles that help you find the perfect fit. Different colors, textures, materials, and designs means that you'll find the perfect looking college trunk to really pull the style of your dorm room together.

Smart Storage
We mentioned before that you'll have a lot of stuff in your dorm room, but where will you put it all? Dorm room storage is essential for all college students, and a dorm trunk is the perfect place to store a wide variety of your college supplies. Clothing, shoes, extra XL Twin bedding, dorm cooking supplies, notebooks, and more can all be stored in your dorm trunk and can be easily accessed when you need them next. Choose an underbed college trunk and you can hide this must-have college storage item right underneath your Twin XL bed if you want. College trunks are a smart choice for college storage since they are durable and designed to be as compact as possible so they don't overpower the space in your college dorm.

Dorm Supplies Transportation

We mentioned before that you'll need to have a lot of college supplies with you on dorm move in day. Now, how you do plan on bringing all of that into your dorm room? Multiple trips to the car can work, but why not make it easier on you, your parents, and your friends? A dorm trunk with wheels and handles will help you easily transport a ton of your dorm items into your dorm room in one go. Limit the number of boxes and bags you need to drag into your dorm room and choose a durable college trunk for easier transport!

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