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The cool things about college are newfound freedom, meeting a bunch of new people, and getting a degree in something that might just make you sound smart. While there are some not so cool things about college, too, there’s one bummer that trumps them all: finances. College is expensive. That degree will pay off, but in the meantime there will be some big bills you’ll have to face. At DormCo, we know college is crazy expensive, and we also know there are a variety of essential dorm supplies that all students who plan on dorm life will need. While we offer all our dorm items at great prices, sometimes we know you’ll want to keep things basic and inexpensive while still stuffing that room with quality dorm items—no need to fret if you’re on a budget. You’re at the right place.

First things first when dorm shopping. You need dorm bedding that’ll transform that old, university-provided mattress into a bed you can actually sleep on. Try our microfiber comforters for Twin XL beds, with Twin XL of course being the size you’ll need for any dorm bed. These affordable dorm bedding essentials are super soft, great for sleeping in all four seasons, and won’t set you back much. Many of these college comforters are reversible, so you’ll get two color options in one dorm comforter. No, they’re not as flashy or elegant as some of our designer Twin XL comforter sets, but these cheap dorm comforters will still keep you warm and cozy!

And of course, you’ll need a
pillow or two for your dorm bedding. We offer basic, white pillows, feather and down pillows, and even a memory foam pillow, all at prices that will still let you rest easy. It’s highly recommended you put at least one extra layer between you and that hard and lumpy mattress, too! Check out some of our Twin XL dorm bed toppers for a boost in comfort. Basic dorm bedding supplies can be the smartest option, as then you’ll have more money for the fun dorm stuff later on!

DormCo is also the number-one retailer for quality, cheap
dorm rugs
. Our microfiber dorm rugs and college plush rugs bring much-needed comfort and color to otherwise bland dorm rooms. College rugs are great buys because they accomplish those two essentials: comfort and color, to enhance your dorm decor and comfort level without breaking the bank.

Every student who plans on showering in college will need
shower shoes and a shower caddy. With our college shower caddies, you can bet we have dorm shower totes with trendy colors, multiple sections, and stronger handles. Then again, we have some basic college shower bags that can simply carry your shower supplies just fine. As for shower shoes, all are quite inexpensive and will easily, comfortably, give you that needed barrier between skin and the icky dorm shower floor.

These are dorm items are are strictly the basics, so shop smart, keep it basic, and then use leftover funds to pick out some of DormCo’s
unique dorm items. Keep browsing and you’ll be certain to find something new, cool, and capable of making your roommate very jealous!

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