Dorm Bedding: Learning The Layers Of A Great Night's Sleep

Despite what you’ve heard about the prevalence of all-nighters during college, you’ll spend a lot of time sleeping atop your dorm bedding. On it’s own, though, that old, school-issued mattress will provide more back-ache than comfort. And speaking of that mattress, here’s where you’ll face your first college test: do you know how to assemble your dorm bed for maximum comfort and sleep-ability? With all the layers and ingredients needed, your bed is almost like a big, layer cake—not as tasty, but far more comfy.

Layer 1.) The Mattress - Your school will want you to do well and be healthy throughout college. But if you plan on sleeping well, be prepared to make some additions to the years-old, questionably clean, and assuredly worn mattress you’re given. At least you can be sure of its size- schools will have Twin XL sized mattresses, so buy your layers in size Twin XL to make sure they fit!
Layer 2.) Mattress Encasement - There’s no guarantee the previous student who slept on your Twin XL mattress had decent hygiene. And the old mattress has certainly never seen a shower. So wrap the whole thing in an encasement to seal off its sordid history. You’ll also protect yourself from potential allergens or bed bugs lurking within the mattress.
Layer 3.) Bed Topper - Here’s where you can start getting comfortable. With a Twin XL Mattress Topper you'll have an external extra layer of padding that’ll actually make your mattress pleasant to sleep on. Without the extra cushioning, you’re left to settle with a lumpy, too-hard, or too-soft bed. So add on a memory foam or featherbed layer to really up the comfort level. Your body will also conform better with the added layer, which can only mean better sleep.
Layer 4.) Mattress Pad - A mattress pad will provide an extra boost of comfort (and take as much as you can get when it comes to comfort!). You might not feel a pea beneath all these layers, but without significant cushioning, you’ll still feel the bumpy unevenness of that school-provided mattress. Layer up! The mattress pad is also an easy and cheap way to protect that coveted bed topper below.
Layer 5.) Dorm Sheets - Unless you’ve spent your life sleeping in a hammock, sheets are nothing new. As long as the first layer, the fitted sheet, is for XL Twin bedding, it’ll wrap around that ol’ mattress just fine. The flat sheet above the fitted sheet will be the first layer of your covers. Checkout our 100% cotton, Microfiber, and Fleece sheets!
Layer 6.) Blanket - The blankets we sell are designed to fit your dorm room bedding well—don’t leave your feet stuck out in the cold! We offer blankets with satin borders, too for that extra touch of quality. It doesn't take a neuroscience major to figure this out, but a blanket or throw comes in handy when napping on the futon, too.
Layer 7.) Dorm Comforter - College comforters are your main line of defense against the nighttime chill, and as far as selection, we’ve got an array of Cotton, Microfiber, and Down college comforters. Our cheap comforters are thick, cozy, and super-soft. But consider their second use: to maximize and bring out the best in your dorm room decor. Don’t just make sure your college bedding is comfy, make sure it looks cool too!
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