Shelf Liners: Multi-Function Decor

Drawer/Shelf Liner – Drawer/Shelf Liners are a self-adhesive college necessity. It may be weird to think about, but college dressers have literally been used by dozens of students before you. Shelf Liners will allow you to cover these desk drawers, closet shelves, and any other drawer or shelf you need in a sanitary manner. Keeping your clothing and valuables protected from potential germs or dirt left behind is a priority that every student shares. Nothing is worse than pulling out that crisp white t-shirt only to realize that storing it resulted in a brown stain on the sleeve.

Wall Decor - There are many creative uses for shelf liners. Being a continuous roll, shelf liners are the perfect template for motivated college students to create their own dorm wall décor. Anyone can cut the shelf liner into fun and stylish designs for decorating a dorm room. Craft stars, shapes, and even create picture frames to showcase your most memorable college moments. These high-quality wall decorations leave no residue and are reusable. Make your wall pop with Aqua designer shelf liners.

Stain Prevention- Shelf Liners also protect your drawer and shelves from accidental stains and spills, forming a barrier that is easily removed when necessary. RAs will inspect the inside of each drawer at end-of-year clean out. It's the worst thing realizing you may be held liable to replace a shelf or drawer. Don't take that chance; cover it up with an attractive shelf liner.
Desk, Bookshelf Protector– You can even cover up that old and musty bookshelf or desk entirely. Shelf liners are entirely customizable to whichever size project you desire. Creating new stylish college furniture pieces is all too easy. Cover your bookshelf in Marble for an exotic look. Redesign your desk with Cherry styled outlines for a fresh take.
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