Twin XL Bed Skirts: A Must-Have Dorm Item
While you are picking out your dorm bedding essentials, don't forget about a stylish dorm bed skirt or college bed skirt panels! At DormCo, there are a ton of colorful Twin XL bed skirts to choose from to help you match your college bedding with the rest of your dorm room decor. Go with neutral colors to perfectly match your dorm furniture pieces, choose unique colors to enhance your college decor style, or even go with one-of-a-kind XL Twin bed skirt panels with textures and patterns. And the right dorm bed skirt won't just look great in your dorm room, it can actually help you stay organized!

Why Do You Need a Bed Skirt? - While our college bed skirts do look great, they won't just upgrade the style of your dorm decor. Designed to cover up the space between your extra long Twin bed and your dorm room floor, your dorm sized bed skirt will hide away all the dorm stuff you have stored underneath your Twin XL dorm bed. You'll easily find that the extra space beneath your extra long Twin bed is perfect for your extra college supplies, especially when you have essential underbed dorm storage organizers to keep everything neatly tucked away. However, no matter how neat you have your dorm underbed storage space organized, it can still start to look cluttered with your extra college bedding essentials, clothes, shoes, college notebooks, and a variety of other dorm supplies. And this is exactly where a Twin XL wraparound bed skirt or bed skirt panel comes in handy! DormCo's selection of stylish dorm bed skirts will cover up your college underbed storage and still allow you to easily access underneath your dorm bed when you need your stored stuff. So, in a way, you can think of your college bed skirt as an essential dorm storage solution for your small college dorm space.

So, Do I Choose the Wraparound Style or Bed Skirt Panels? – That depends on your style and where your Twin XL sized bed is situated in your dorm room. Wraparound college bed skirts come with panels to cover the foot and both long sides of your dorm bed. With an elastic strip across the top, this Twin XL bed skirt option is easy to add to your dorm bedding essentials. Is your Twin XL dorm bed going to be backed up into a corner? In that case, our dorm sized or extended length XL Twin bed skirt panels might be a better option. Each college bed skirt panel measures 45" across, which means you will need a total of three to cover the foot and one long side of your dorm bed. To attach to your extra long Twin bed, each of these bed skirt panels comes with ties at the top that can be tied to your college bedframe or Twin XL box spring. This method also allows you to raise or lower the college bed skirt panels as needed for the perfect amount of coverage!

What If I Have a Lofted Dorm Bed?
- No problem! We have Extended dorm bed skirt panelsto help you cover up all of that extra dorm storage space that you free up when you decide to raise up your dorm bed. With an extended drop of 60", you have plenty of space to play around with when it comes to lofting your Twin extra long bed. Raising up your college dorm bed is a smart solution when it comes to creating extra dorm storage space in your small college dorm. Vertical dorm storage will make it easier to organize your dorm room while also not taking up any extra space that you could use for dorm furniture or other college supplies.
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