The DormCo Grad Night program is intended for High School Senior events including Grad Nights, Post Prom, Senior Send-Offs, and other organized events!

Top 5: DormCo + Grad Night = Awesome

1. Free Gift Cards - DormCo provides free gift cards to our college dorm supplies superstore The perfect addition to any graduating senior's gift bag!
2. Free College Dorm Supplies - DormCo provides free product giveaways. Not just any product, but dorm supplies from Whether we ship you a dorm trunk with one of our plush Twin XL Comforters or another Dorm room essentials kit, you'll have a great giveaway item for your grad night event.
3. Discounts - Do you need to purchase Grad Night Gifts for all of your graduating seniors? DormCo provides bulk wholesale discounts for all of your graduating seniors' gifts. We'll even help you select the best items based on your Grad Night Gift Budget! And if you are new to DormCo, we ship everything for just $2.95 (entire order) so Bulk Senior Gift Purchases are not only cheap, but the shipping is practically free.
4. Raise Money - DormCo offers affiliate programs where your school can fundraise to help cover Grad Night expenses. Ranging from 5-15% of sales, DormCo gives you an opportunity to supply students with the dorm supplies they need all while earning funds to make your Grad Night one to remember. Need ideas? DormCo can also help you with fundraising tips to help you reach your goals.
5. Combination - Having a hard time choosing between #1-4? DormCo doesn't limit you. Have DormCo help you on all levels of your Grad Night. Many schools accept all 4 offers! DormCo understands the send off from High School to College is a special and important time in a student's life. There is absolutely no catch to our offers... Let us assist you with making your Grad Night memorable for your graduating seniors!

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About Grad Night
It is important to make your Grad Night a fun, memorable night that your Graduating Seniors will love and think about for years to come. Planning Grad Night for your group of graduating seniors is just as fun as the Grad Night itself, and you want to make it a memorable occasion. Make it memorable with DormCo!

Graduating is an important event for the graduating Senior. There is more to this important, exciting time than just the Graduation itself. You want to give your graduating Seniors a proper send-off by celebrating both their accomplishments throughout high school and their future plans after graduation day. There may be a lot of things you want to do for your graduating Seniors and you don't know where to begin. Whether you choose to have an all day event at an amusement park or you want to create your own Grad Night celebration, DormCo can help you put the finishing touches on your Grad Night celebration.

You may choose to have your Grad Night celebration at an amusement park and give your graduating Seniors a fun day of amusement park rides and games. Of course, you want to send off your Graduating Seniors with more than just a fun day at an amusement park - you also want to have some fun gift bags for them to make the Grad Night extra special. DormCo can help you with this and make those souvenir bags extra special. Whether it is a gift card or a dorm supplies product, your graduating Seniors will appreciate the gesture and finishing touch to their Grad Night.

Planning your own Grad Night celebration in your high school gym? Don't forget to have some fun raffles and games for your graduating Seniors! Make sure you have a variety of entertainment and games that will make your Grad Night memorable and fun for your graduating seniors. Whether you choose to do a gift bag for every college student, a raffle for a large dorm item, or awards for the games, DormCo can help you with making Grad Night something your graduating Seniors will talk about and remember for years to come.

One of the most important pieces of making your Grad Night memorable is thorough planning and fundraising. DormCo won't just help you with the souvenir gift bags for your college students, DormCo can also help you with raising the money you need to get there. With our Affiliate programs, your school can raise money to help make your Grad Night as best as it can be for your graduating Seniors.

Send off your graduating Seniors right with a fun, memorable Grad Night!

**All Grad Night options are contingent with DormCo approval

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