College Supply Packages: They Do It All!

So many supplies, so little time. Shopping for college supplies can be stressful. There are so many essential dorm products you need to have in your dorm room that it can be easy to forget the little things... and sometimes even the big things! If only there were a way to get all of your most important college supplies quickly and easily. Luckily, there is! Our college supply packages simplify your college shopping process by bundling all of your must-have college essentials in one package. These dorm ready packages help make sure you have the little dorm supplies that are often forgotten about or the big college bedding items you don't want to leave home without... or both!

Organize Your Dorm Closet with Ease. Most college dorm rooms have limited storage space. However, you can maximize the space in your dorm room with one of our dorm storage bundles! Featuring useful dorm items from TUSK® College Storage, each of these college storage packages makes it easy to organize your dorm room stuff. Our simple 3 Piece College Closet Storage Sets will keep your dorm closet neat and tidy, while our full-blown 11 Piece Complete Dorm Organization Sets are sure to keep every inch of your dorm room perfectly put-together. Or just grab a 4 Pack Storage Box Set to mix and match with your other dorm organizing supplies! No matter what dorm room storage set you choose, DormCo makes it easy for you to save some cash and save space in your small dorm room.

Get Your College Supplies Where They Need To Go. It costs how much to ship a few boxes to your college campus?!? We know that your tuition, college textbooks, and other dorm supplies are going to take up a lot of your high school graduation cash, so we wanted to make actually getting your dorm items to your college campus (or back home) as affordable as possible. If you can't load everything into a car and drive it to your dorm room, you can ship it using our Shipping to College (or Home) - UPS Ship Labels and Box Kits. These affordable shipping kits let you choose the number of boxes you need to get your college supplies easily shipped to or from your campus. We'll even provide the shipping labels. Plus, with included packing tape and packing paper, you can make sure your dorm stuff stays secure in transit.

Complete Your College Bedding Checklist. Some of the most important dorm items on your college supplies packing list are your Twin XL bedding pieces. Due to the unique size of dorm beds, regular Twin bedding isn't going to cut it. Easily find the extra long Twin college bedding you need for your dorm bed with our variety of XL Twin bedding packages! Loading with comfy dorm bedding essentials like easy to wash Twin XL sheets, an oversized college comforter, plush dorm blanket, and more, these college bedding packages will make sure you stay cozy all semester long. Better yet, you can get your soft college bedding and more essential dorm supplies with the Fully-Loaded Pack, the 44-Piece College Dorm Essentials Set, or the 100% Complete package! Have a Full or extra large Full dorm bed? No problem! We even have Full/Full XL Bedding Packages to make sure every size dorm bed can be covered in comfort.
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