Namastay In Bed: Bare Bottom® Yoga Butter Dorm Bedding Feels JUST Like Your Favorite Pair of Yoga Pants!

When it comes to college clothing trends, yoga pants are all over college campuses. In years past, college students used to wear pajama pants to class. But pulling up to class in your old ratty PJs isn't a great look, even if it is comfy. Instead, many college students now opt for much more stylish but equally-comfy athleisure wear, which has more of a "Yeah, I'm going to the gym after class" vibe than a "I just rolled out of bed" vibe. And especially if you're taking a lot of online college classes, there's honestly no reason why you would need to wear "real pants" when you could wear a comfy pair of buttery soft yoga pants instead. If you're literally obsessed with your favorite pair of designer yoga pants, you may wish you could wear them 24/7! We know this is an ultra popular college trend, which is why we invented a new style of college bedding that feels exactly like your favorite yoga pants. Read on to discover more about the alluring Bare Bottom® Yoga Butter dorm bedding!

1: They're made with the same material as high end yoga pants. If you aren't a fashion design major you may not find this all that interesting, so just skip on down to points 2. and 3. to learn more about what bedding is available in this silky fabric style. But if you're interested to know what your yoga pants or your Twin XL dorm bedding is actually made of, read on! All the luxury yoga pants brands use the same basic combination of materials, but under different names. Part 1 is a silky fabric that makes designer athleisure gear sooo smooth. Yoga clothing brands typically use nylon, rayon, or other synthetic fabrics–they are all pretty much the same thing, but Bare Bottom® Yoga Butter uses microfiber instead for extra cuddliness. Part 2 is a stretchy fabric that adds that buttery feel and makes you look and feel great in your yoga pants. You'll see this listed as Lyrca or elastane, but our high quality dorm bedding uses spandex for ultimate stretchy softness.

2: Looking for buttery Twin XL Sheets, Dorm Comforters, or individual pillow shams? We got 'em. No matter what type of college bedding you are looking for, you can engulf your dorm bed in zen-like relaxing coziness. Perhaps our most popular option to indulge in Yoga Butter bedding is our extra long Twin sheet set! If you've tried Twin XL microfiber sheets before and thought they were just OK, you should try upgrading to these silky smooth sheets for your dorm bed dimensions. These spandex-infused college sheet sets include a standard size pillow sham, oversized flat sheet, and extra deep-pocket fitted sheet to accomodate even the thickest dorm mattress topper. If you want even more cuddly bedding for your dorm room, consider a Bare Bottom® Twin XL Comforter. Or if you want just a touch of yoga softness to rest your head on at night, our Bare Bottom® dorm pillow shams are a cheap dorm bedding accessory that adds a touch of laid-back relaxation to your college bed setup.

3: The Twin XL comforters are SO cozy.
We know we just bragged on how great the spandexy-soft dorm sheets are, but now it's time to talk about the college comforters for a second. Just imagine all that good buttery soft bedding, but stuffed with a thick inner fill for warm snuggly comfort. This extra long Twin XL Comforter from the Bare Bottom® luxury dorm bedding brand literally feels like a giant marshmallow sitting on top of your dorm mattress. With an ultra plush dorm size comforter on your Twin XL bed, you'll have the best shavasana sleep of your life.

4: They're available in a range of colors! This soft dorm bedding isn't just a Twin XL cuddly sheet set, college comforter, or silky pillow cover for your college bed. In a ton of colors to choose from, it can also easily match your dorm room decor! Neutral white and gray colors are great for simple, neutral dorm room bedding that won't clash with whatever dorm stuff your college roommate is bringing along. For a soft feminine touch to your Twin extra long bedding, consider our rose quartz inspired Crystal Pink dorm sheets or comforter. Alternatively, college guys bedding looks great with these guy's dorm comforters or men's Twin XL bedding in black, blue, and dark gray. No matter which color you opt for, you'll wonder how you slept before without these silky soft bedding sheets, comforters, and pillow shams completing your dorm room bedding checklist!
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