Bedside Storage: Making The Most Of Your Precious Space

Keeping your remote, alarm clock, cell phone, wallet, soda, and books within reach are never a problem for someone on the bottom bunk. But for those on the top bunk, storage is an issue. For far too long, college students have not been able to find proper ways to keep everything they need within reach. DormCo has your solution! All our bunkbed storage options are perfect for lofted beds and dorms that are too small for bedside tables. Check out this awesome DormCo video to learn about all your bedside storage options.
The first way for those students “bunking” on the top to keep everything readily available is a Bunk Pocket. This is the smallest of storage options, holding just a remote or phone securely and within reach. Bunk Pockets work by sliding over one of your corner bed posts. Once secured, you can run a cable to charge your phone, iPod, etc. as well, making these pockets a great way to store and charge one or two small things.

If you are looking for a little more space, the Bed Post Shelf is a great option. This durable mini shelf provides you with enough space to place your alarm clock, glasses, drink, remote and phone, all at once! The bed posts clamps securely onto your bedpost and can be placed at many different locations.

But if you require much more storage space, a bedside caddy is your answer. With multiple pockets and even a drink ledge, there is almost nothing you can’t store here. The bedside caddy is designed to hold textbooks, glasses, tissues, homework, books, phones, remotes, and more. This clever storage option holds securely to the side of your bedframe, allowing you easy access to whatever you may need.

Lastly, The Headside Storage Caddy is another great storage option. Like the Bedside Caddy, it has six pockets to store everything you could need with the added bonus of being able to hold heavy textbooks, laptops, and tablets. But this ingenious bed storage secures via high performance Velcro arms onto your bedside, head- or foot-board. It even has its own rap video!
Combining a bedside or headside caddy with a smaller storage option gives you the most flexibility when designing your dorm room. These smart storage options are dorm room necessities that will save you time and grief and keep you from playing the constant up-down bunk bed game.

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