5 Luxury Dorm Room Ideas To Transform Your College Decor... Without Breaking the Bank!

When you first move into your dorm room, you may be shocked by what you find. The dorm rooms you were shown on your first campus tour probably looked so chic, put together, and spacious! What is with the cramped, outdated little dorm room you've been assigned? Most colleges show prospective students their shiny new upperclassman dorm halls, but in reality most freshman dormitories are older buildings without the best amenities. With gross laminate floors, cinderblock walls, and tight living quarters, we wouldn't blame you for thinking you accidentally walked into a prison cell instead of your new home away from home. If you are a new college student with high standards but not a lot of cash, there are ways you can disguise these less than favorable aspects of your dorm room, and make your new dorm actually feel a little more upscale. Our affordable yet high quality dorm supplies are designed to make your dorm room a relaxing safe haven that stands out from the other grimy dorms on campus!

1: Thick Twin XL Mattress Toppers. When you think of dorm mattress toppers, you probably think of those thin, flimsy egg crate mattress pads. While these are the bare minimum when it comes to your dorm bedding, if you're trying to really live your best dorm life, the biggest tip our dorm experts recommend is upgrading your extra long Twin mattress topper! 2" mattress toppers are nice and budget-friendly, but DormCo even offers 3", 4", and mega thick 6" mattress toppers for college students who need the thickest, comfiest dorm bedding. If you're a real princess and the pea type, a thicker memory foam mattress topper can instantly improve the comfort of your dorm bed and make it feel like you're laying on a luxury hotel bed instead of an old used college mattress. Opt for a USA Made mattress topper or one infused with cooling gel for an even more upscale addition to your college bedding checklist!

2: Luxury Dorm Comforters. We promise not every single item on this dorm tips list will have to do with your dorm bedding, but your college comforter set plays a huge role in the overall vibe of your dorm room. That is because this is both a practical dorm item you will use every day, but your Twin XL comforter also makes a statement in your glam dorm room decor! If you really want high quality dorm bedding, we have a few college bedding lines designed to provide the perfect combination of style and coziness. Our Coma Inducer® dorm bedding brand is maybe some of the thickest, softest college bedding ever–we aren't exaggerating. But if you're really looking for luxury, go for European style bedding! Our Made in Portugal line of soft European cotton Twin XL bedding will add an air of coastal sophistication to your dorm room. Or upgrade to a thick HGoose brand down feather blanket for a college comforter that will last you all the way from move-in day to graduation. No matter what dorm bedding comforter you choose, a cheap yet cozy Twin XL bedspread from DormCo can be just what you need to turn your dorm room from drab to fab.

Cute College Headboards. Okay, so maybe this is technically another dorm bedding item, but a Twin XL headboard is really more of a dorm decoration than a college bedding essential! Adding a designer headboard to your dorm bed frame will instantly elevate your dorm room and give you a perfectly put-together dorm setup. Opt for our blinged-out Tavira Allure® headboards for a touch of sparkle, or an eye-catching tufted headboard for something soft yet stylish. Our college dorm headboards are designed to be easily added to your dorm bed without damaging your dorm wall or Twin XL bed frame. Plus, instead of leaning against your cold, hard wall, you can snuggle up against a supportive headboard when you’re studying or just relaxing on your dorm bed. Now you can relax in style with a must-have dorm headboard!

4: Designer Trunks. A lot of dorm room storage options are not very attractive, and do not do much for your dorm decor. However, a decorative trunk adds tons of dorm storage space and can also double as a dorm coffee table or dorm nightstand. But more than just a dorm room organizer or a dorm furniture item, a college footlocker from DormCo also makes a statement in your dorm decor that really makes your dorm look Insta-worthy. Our Ciao Bella brand features ultra trendy acrylic trunks that are undeniably chic. Or if you want something more colorful, our Texture® Brand Trunks come in a huge variety of colors and styles, from runway-inspired snakeskin to classic houndstooth to eye-catching neon orange! No matter what type of college trunk you are looking for, DormCo has a dorm storage trunk that perfectly matches your dorm room decor.

5: Egnazia Mirror Trays. If a lot of your dorm bedding and dorm storage shopping is complete, you may be wondering what else you can add to make your dorm room feel luxurious. These small mirror trays can add just a touch of glam to your dorm room desk, nightstand, or dresser. Whether you're a yellow gold, rose gold, or silver type of girl, these decorative trays come in all metal colors to match your personal style. Use these desk organizers to keep your studying supplies together, as a tray to hold perfume, or a catch-all container for keys, student IDs, or anything else that needs to be decluttered. With small decorative trinkets that make your dorm feel fancy, you can beat homesickness by turning your dorm room into a relaxing environment that you actually enjoy living in!

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