Tin Sign or Poster- Which is better?

There is a heated debate here at DormCo about what is the best dorm room decorating option. Some of us say trendy posters while others say those durable tin signs. Of course this discussion depends entirely on what you are looking for in dorm décor.

Posters- Posters are much larger than tin signs, making them perfect for covering large wall space in your dorm room. With sizes such as 24” x 36”, panoramic 21”x 60” and the large 40” x 60", you are sure to find the correct size to cover your college room wall. Posters can easily turn your boring white cell wall into something indicative of your personality.
Posters are a decorative supply comprised of paper. As such, they are more affordable wall decorations for college life. However they are more prone to dents and rips than their Tin Sign counterparts. Posters will often have the largest supply of modern images unavailable to Tin Signs.

Tin Signs- Tin Signs are of smaller design, making them ideal for covering smaller spaces where a large poster would be overwhelming. The majority of signs are 16” x 12.5”. Ideally these are placed on doors, near desks, or any spot where some decorative flair is needed.
Constructed from 1 durable sheet of aluminum, these room decorations are extremely hardy and will outlast your time dorming. “Tin” or Aluminum signs most often sport retro-style and popular images of the last century. You will find Retro Comics, Babe Ruth, Iconic Movies, and Vintage Homemaking among the tin signs offered.

Which Is Better?
Any time you want a larger decoration, modern images or inexpensive college décor, posters will maintain that niche and suit you well. However, Tin Signs are becoming popular given their smaller size, durability, and colorfully vintage designs.

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