What A Difference A Decade Makes!

So much has changed within the last decade. Looking back at the new millennium, dorm essentials have come a long way. College students in the past once had to choose between comfort, style, and price. Nowadays, you no longer need to compromise, because you can have all three when it comes to your dorm room essentials. Some of the greatest transformations have been centered on dorm bedding and college seating:

1) Egg Crate to Memory Foam
- The hottest, trendiest dorm item 10 years ago was the egg crate mattress topper. While it minimized the discomfort of the flimsy college mattress, an enormous jump forward has been made with memory foam mattress toppers. These Memory Foam bed pads are available in 1'', 2'', 3'', 4'', and even 6", leaving you many options for a budgeting college student. Our dorm experts always recommend that you purchase the thickest dorm mattress topper that you can afford, because quality sleep is something that you should definitely take seriously, especially if you are trying to succeed in college! Even after college, these high quality memory foam pads can still be used, making these a worthwhile investment.

2) Bean Bags to
Mini-Futons - Everyone must remember the bean bag. These things ruled society for quite a while. While they offer comfortable seating, these bags did not offer up a quality bed for friends. Mini futons are the new hot bedding/seating item. During the day, this stylish dorm sofa can accommodate a party of friends, while at night offering a comfortable fold-out mattress!

3) Comforters (What's Available? Which Choice?) - Back then, college comforters used to be a function-over-style kind of deal. What would have been stylish back then may not have been warm, comfortable or affordable for students. So Dorm Bedding was always a compromise. Now with DormCo and our Coma Inducer, Designer Bedding, Natural Loft, and Bare Bottom luxury dorm bedding brand lineup, no longer must you choose between style or comfort. Our college bedding product line includes dozens of unique designs in order to offer you the best variety. And for truly premium college comforters, we even offer a selection of made in Europe Plush Down Comforters with True Twin XL dimensions. These are the warmest and coziest dorm bedding exclusives that are the softest down comforters we offer!

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